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    Noise from DC

    When only one gate is open on my Oneida 3HP DC, I have recently started hearing a high pitched almost 'whistle' sound. I have to open a second gate about halfway to get rid of it. Does this mean I have a leak somewhere? I haven't noticed any drop in suction. Thanks for any help.
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    GONE - FREE - Peruvian Walnut in Greensboro

    I have approximately 10BF(9.75) of Peruvian Walnut free to whoever wants to come get it. I bought it for a project, but had an allergic reaction to it, so I'll never use it. Thanks, David
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    Worksharp WS300 with Knife sharpener - SOLD

    I have a WS 3000 that is in great shape. Includes everything that came with the kit plus the knife sharpener and a leather strop wheel. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $200
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    Arm-r-Seal hardening in the can

    I love Arm-r-Seal, but every single time I open the can there is a hardened layer on top that I have to scrape out. This will happen as quickly as overnight. The can isn't damaged and I always close it with a rubber mallet. Why does this happen? How can I stop it?
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    New Shop - Build Pictures

    The new shop is going up. I got lots of great suggestions here on what to do/not to do and it's been so helpful. It's 600 sqft/30' x 20'. Largest the HOA would let me build, but I think it will be OK. We also added onto our driveway to make it a little wider. I do have 10' ceilings though...
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    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    Builders have started on my new detached shop today and should be finished in a few weeks. After they are finished I have lined up to get it insulated and the ceiling dry walled. After this I'm about out of money for hiring help, so all the finishing inside will be me DIYing it. I was curious...
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    Woodwright's School for 2020 Classes Announced

    Classes are up and available for 2020. Just got in a class with Christopher Schwarz. I'm sure these will sell out fast as most classes do. Hurry!
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    Searching for a ruler...

    I want a rigid steel 24" ruler. I'm sick of the thin kind that flop around and get all bent up useless. I want one built like a straight edge, but with graduations. I'm having trouble finding anything like this. Lots of aluminum ones around, but I can't find steel. Even Starretts' are only...
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    Builder Recommendations

    I am planning on building a new shop in January and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a builder? I am in Greensboro. Thanks
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    Staked Furniture

    Started a set of staked furniture today, 4 chairs and a round 40" table. All hand tools directly from The Anarchists Design Book. I will change a few things, but probably not much. I plan on posting pictures here as the build goes along. Hopefully it won't take too long. I am using Poplar...
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    Mid Century Modern Desk

    Built this for my sister, it's not my style at all. Against my usual routine, I used all power tools. I figured a Modern piece should be built with modern tools? 100% White Oak with Dark Walnut stain (except for the pulls and slide out tray) and Arm-R-Seal satin finish. Comment and...
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    Can this be Walnut?

    The father of a friend of mine called me and said he had some wood for me if I wanted it, so I go over and he has about 40 BF of what he says is Spalted Walnut. It looks good with some checks on the ends, but every board is at least 7" wide and 8' long. It looks great, it just doesn't look...
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    Shaker Candle Stand

    Finished this shaker Candle Stand this week. All hand tools except for the lathe. This is based on the Hancock version that Will Myers did an article on in Popular Woodworking #229. I made this one as practice out of some lower grade cherry that I bought from someone off of craigslist very...
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    New DC Setup

    So, I did this over the weekend. I was sick of my DC taking up so much room and I assumed that the 7' pipe between the blower and cyclone with 2 90 degree bends was killing my CFM. I hung it 10' up on the wall with the cyclone directly underneath, no bends. I also hung the filters beside it...
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    Finished Desk and my Payment/Tool Gloat

    The desk is complete, I asked several questions here on my way, so thanks to everyone that helped! It's of my own very simple design and it's Hard Maple with Sapele accents. Finished with 5 coats of Arm R Seal, if you haven't used this finish, try it, it's great! The long top is going to be...
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    Is this safe to turn?

    I'm no great wood turner, but I turn some pens and maybe a bowl a month. I rough turned this bowl about 6 months ago and put it on a shelf and picked it back up today just to have a look. It has several hairline cracks on each end grain side (see picture). Is this safe to keep turning? Would...
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    Dovetail Jig

    I'm building a desk and instead of traditional legs, I'm dovetailing side panels to the top (see my bad drawing). So, I decided to use a dovetail jig for the first, and hopefully only time. I just didn't trust myself to be able to pull off hand cutting DT's on the end of a 65" panel. Below is...
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    Workbench Finally Finished

    Finally finished this monster and am , for the most part, happy with the way it turned out. I completely botched the tail vise install. It works, but the cavity cut out where the block slides looks like terrible. The leg vise went much smoother and it works and looks pretty good...
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    A Nod to Hand Tools and Router Help

    I am building a new workbench and finally received my vises to install. I had a pretty large cavity to excavate for the wagon vise, and I spent what seems like forever getting the router set up. I don't use the router a lot, but I thought I was doing things right, it just seemed to be taking a...
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    Acceptable length for Workbench Overhang

    Hi all, I am making a new sort of hybrid French/Roubo bench. Big stout base and thick top with a wagon vise on one end and a leg vise. This is my first one and am building this out of HD 2x6x8. With the lumber in mind and a 4 inch top, would 24" overhang on each end be ok and not cause the...

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