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    I’m in Wilmington NC need an engraving job done with CNC router

    Hey everybody, Im in need of a CNC router to do an engraving job that should take an hour of shop time if that. Ive got a plaque that is roughly 40x26 in sapele, and I will be gilding the engraving with gold. I do have vcarve pro,just let me know what post processing script would need to be...
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    Bridge City Walnut Chopstick Master Blanks

    Hey everybody, I made some Walnut Blanks that will work in a Bridge City Chopstick Master. I have them listed on ebay for those that may want them shipped. I'm out in Wilmington NC, if anyone local would like to buy some. I've got 37 sets of 20, and I'm asking for $20 dollars a set. If you...
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    Cutting Stair Tread Returns in Vcarve Pro

    Hey I made a video going over how to cut returns with Vcarve pro. It will give you the basic idea of what you need to do. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Puzzle Piece floor design tutorial

    Hey everybody. I just decided to make a video showing someone how to do a puzzle piece floor in Vcarve pro. I figured I share it with those in the forum, as it may be of help to people here.
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    I’m looking for a used power feeder

    Anyone got one they would be willing to part ways with? I’d like to put in 100-200 dollars for one. I’m in the Wilmington area.
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    Suitability of Oak & poplar for end grain cutting boards?

    Well I've been involved in the production of maybe well over 5000 cutting boards that have white oak in them. It will work, grain raising and splits are the worst in it tho.
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    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    Looks outstanding. Very well done.
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    Routing advice

    I'd definately suggest filling this with epoxy. Haven't thought about making wooden ashtrays before. Thank you for the great idea.
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    Help identifying species

    1. is walnut 2. Without a shadow of a doubt that's sycamore. 3 & 4, my first guess would be red oak, white oak maybe, but I'd have to see the end grain.
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    Sticker Stain in Oak

    I was involved in a project planing about 15,000 brd ft of sapele once. The stuff was 8/4 sapele , and it had real bad sticker stain, planed it to 1.5, most of it still had sticker stain. Hopefully once you get to your desired thickness it will be gone. While it's a thought, you might be...
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    What kind of wood is this?

    Looks Like cherry to me as well.
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    WTB Veritas Scraper Plane Converter Kit for Stanley no 5

    I've heard good things and bad things about this tool. I'm hoping some one bought one of these and didn't like it could give me a deal on it.,310 I never thought I would have a need for a scraper plane, but now that I'm a pro woodworker...
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    Questions about plane adjustment and replacement blades

    I needed to come somewhere where some woodworkers had some real world experience on an issue I'm facing. So I have Stanley #3 , #4, #5 ,#6 and a 9 1/2 planes. I bought all these used for a real good price, I have less than 100 dollars tied up in all 5. Given that I had to learn how to restore...
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    Looking for a froe

    Anybody know of where I could buy a froe, new or used. I'm in the Jacksonville area.
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    making wedge on strike block plane

    I decided to make a strike block plane out of Granadillio wood. I have the channels for the wedge cut out, however my wedge goes in and wont hold the plane iron, and does not get super tight. I was wondering if the wedge being greater than 10 degrees would make a difference I need to know...
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    Why did my planed counter top cup?

    Hey everybody, I'm in a bit of a perplexed situation. I have an 19" oak counter top that I recently planed flat as I could with a jack/power planer. To my surprise the board cup backwards in the opposite direction a day later. It was rough cut lumber. I'd like to think I should get it flat...
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    Looking for someone to plane 19" oak board in Jacksonville NC area

    Thanks everyone again for helping out. I ended up buying a harbor freight planer, drill master. I must admit that it did a decent job planing, but I still have more work to do on it. More importantly, I got the Miller Falls Jack Plane I bought back to its former luster. I had a piece of...
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    Looking for someone to plane 19" oak board in Jacksonville NC area

    Thanks very much for your advice gentlemen. I wish I did know somebody with a thickness sander that I had access too. I'd be using it for sure with other projects. As for the hand tools suggestion, I just got a Craftsman #5 Jack Plane that I believe was manufactured by Miller Falls. I...
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    Looking for someone to plane 19" oak board in Jacksonville NC area

    I have a white Oak board that I had rough cut at the saw mill. It's 19" wide by 53" long. Just wondering if someone has a board planer they could let me use for about 5-10 minutes or if there is a shop I can take it to get it done in the Jacksonville NC area.
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    Looking for some scrap hardwood in Maysville Jacksonville area

    I was wondering if there was anyone that had some scrap hardwood on hand perhaps for low cost or free in the jacksonville maysville area. I'm looking to make a few takedown bows and some kitchen cutting boards by laminating the wood.

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