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    New desk finished

    very new to woodworking did you just take 4" wide walnut and glue the long pieces together and then planed the top surface? then sand with handheld tool? love the high-end look
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    homemade DYI CNC router

    1. Looking for a homemade DYI CNC router 2. Prefer the Greensboro area or nearby 3. I have a little wood project that I would like to try on a medium format (24"x24") CNC router 4. If you would like to sell your homemade CNC or maybe do a little CNC work for some money, please contact me 5. The...
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    want to build similar train i looking to hire a good woodworker/craftsman to build a similar looking train. i will have someone else handle the engine and mechanics (steering, wheels, etc). a good portion of this train skeleton is made of high quality wood. i...

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