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  1. liftnaleg1

    DogWood,Birdseye,Cherry Burl

    Guys I have a ton of Cherry Burl, BirdseyeMaple, Ambrosia Maple, and DOGWOOD Burl on ebay....My user name is liftnaleg or just do a search on Cherry Burl and look for items located in Newton NC and once you find one click on Seller's other Items
  2. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Guys, I didn’t know where else to put this, but I have had a lot of people ask me to come to the picnic and bring some wood...I plan to attend and trying to get a fill on how much I should bring. I have been told by many, but to be honest I have probably forgotten most of the So...
  3. liftnaleg1

    Gun Stock...

    Can anyone help with a gun stock I'm wanting to make? I just have a 20ga my father bought me when I was little and want to pass it down to my son. I have some birdseye maple I was wanting to use and for payment I can send you a much wood as you request...Birdseye maple, Ambrosia Maple, Cherry...
  4. liftnaleg1

    Wood For Sale.

    Hello all, I have started my company and the name is CB's Burls and Wood Supply. I'm located in Conover NC and currently have Birdseye Maple, Cherry Burl Poplar Burl Ambrosia Maple and many other kinds of wood. Please come by the shop and see me and I will have a showroom with blanks for sale...
  5. liftnaleg1

    Ebay - Birdseye Ambrosia Maple.

    Guys just wanted to let you know I have a lot of Birdseye Maple blanks for sell on ebay....They are under Birdseye or my user name is liftnaleg on there also...Pick you up some cheap gorgeous blanks.
  6. liftnaleg1

    Need Help....

    I have been figuring out turning blanks for a BOard foot price... For a 16x16x8" blank I'm coming up with 17 bf is this right or am I missing a dec? That just doesnt seem right for some reason...Any help would be great.:icon_scra Thanks Chris B
  7. liftnaleg1

    Other Forums/Need Help on last Post/Special offers.

    Hey guys i hope all is well...I wanted to see if anyone is memembers of other wood working or wood turning forums? I just have a ton of burls and want to make sure I can help other wood workers around us. I'm just heard something from a guy the other day that made me think...He said it was crazy...
  8. liftnaleg1

    Need some help

    I was talking with some people and we are trying to figure out a fare price for Burled Birdseye Maple pcs and Burled Cherry...We had discussed price per pound and price per blank...We thought it would be a good post so we could get everyone opinion... This a request... Birdseye Maple Burl 1=...
  9. liftnaleg1

    Ambrosia Burled Maple

    Have you guys ever seen burled Ambrosia Maple? I came across a tree today walking throught the woods that is 5 feet across and 60 ft tall (estimate) and the whole tree is a burled from bottom / up every limb...I cut a hunk out of it and it is Maple burl with Ambrosia steaks running through it...
  10. liftnaleg1

    HF 12" planner

    Guys I have a person that is selling a HF 12" planner and it is still in the box and has 2.5hp motor.....Do you guys think this is worth a $100.00? Seems to run good and we ran a pcs of Pine through it and it seemed to plane it fine. The pcs of pine was the first board ever ran through it...
  11. liftnaleg1

    Coloring wood

    I was bored the other day while turnig so got the idea to try amke a piece of spalted maple more interesting so I drill some holes in a blank and poured food coloring in it,,,You are going to laugh hard...All it did was when I turned the lathe on after 1 hour of sitting is throw blue food...
  12. liftnaleg1

    Woverine Sharpening problems...

    Guys I have the hardest time with my wolverine...I believ it is set up right from all who has seen it...I had woodartz give me a lesson and he made it look so easy...Now when I do it I seem to get it thin at the edge and with 80 grit wheel white compound...Makes it have low and high spots...Or I...
  13. liftnaleg1

    Turners in Hickory Area

    I was wondering if there are any turners close to Hickory area? I wold like to get together on the weekends and turn and learn from each other some...Please let me know if you close to Hickory or newton area.
  14. liftnaleg1

    Wood for trade

    Guys I was wondering if someone might want to trade some wood out. I have tons of cherry burl as you can see from the thread " Traveled far and wide for wood ". I would love to have some (Maple) burls, spalted, or figured in some way. Also open to any other types of wood. Please just send some...

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