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  1. William Roscoe

    Sawmilling lumber for my new home

    With the recent increase in lumber cost, I've decided to cut my own lumber on my sawmill and air dry it. Should I be spraying it with something to keep mold from developing on it?
  2. William Roscoe

    Composite decking

    I'm replacing the deck at my beach cottage and I was thinking of using Trex from Lowes. Anybody have any experience using this stuff or other brands? I'm concerned about the constant sun and salt that it will be getting in that harsh environment.
  3. William Roscoe

    Writing on walnut

    Got some walnut logs I'm cutting into smaller pieces but nothing shows up on this dark wood. I need a white pencil:). Any ideas??
  4. William Roscoe

    Rolling Pin Plans

    I saw some plans for a combo rolling pin and paper towel holder about 6 months ago and now I cannot remember where I put that magazine. I believe it was tapered on both ends and had contrasting wood on the ends. Any ideas??
  5. William Roscoe

    Pen mandrel problems

    I finally got an adaptor for my gf's old buffalo lathe that allows her to use a talon chuck. She now wants to turn a pen but we cannot figure out how to get the pen mandrel to attach. Craft supply says they don't sell anything except #1 or 2 morse taper and you cannot attach that to the jaws of...
  6. William Roscoe

    Problem getting a chuck to fit a lathe

    My GF has a 1987 Buffalo lathe that has a male 5/8" long shaft that looks to be about a 12 TPI. This is such a strange size, I cannot even find a nut from Lowes to fit on it. She wants to get a chuck to turn bowls with. Are we going to have to get an adapter made at a machine shop?? Any...
  7. William Roscoe

    4mm allen wrench with a T handle

    I am getting tired of changing jaws on my supernova chuck with that small allen wrench it comes with. Anyone know a good place to pick up a 4 mm allen wrench that's a little longer and has a T handle? Craft supply did not have one.
  8. William Roscoe

    Alcohol problems

    I wanted to tint a bowl so I poured about 20ml of alcohol in the bowl and put 1 drop of transtint in it and mixed it up and then brushed it on the inside. First thing that happened was a big crack opened up on the endgrain. Then I noticed the tint was already on the outside of the bowl on the...
  9. William Roscoe

    Woodturner's Stool

    My back and hips are beginning to show some signs of wear and tear so I was thinking it would be nice if I could sit and turn. I haven't seen anything on the market for woodturners so I'm wondering if this might be a bad idea. Has anyone tried turning while sitting on a stool? It would seem that...
  10. William Roscoe

    Tobacco sunburst

    I like this on guitars and thought it might be good to try on a bowl. I was told to get some yellow,black, brown, and red stain (see thru colors). Anybody know a good source for this?? He suggested that it not be water based because of the grain raising and he actually mixes some of the stain...
  11. William Roscoe

    Large Butternut log

    Getting ready to cut up an 8' X 4' section of butternut and was wondering if a certain size is standard for carving blanks. Having trbl deciding whether to cut into boards or something else. Any thoughts?
  12. William Roscoe


    I have an 8' X 4' section of butternut that has laid beside the sawmill for > 1 year and I'm ready to get started cutting it up. I was going to just cut into 2.25" boards and dry it but I heard this is an excellent wood for carving. Went to E-bay to see if anyone is selling chunks of this stuff...
  13. William Roscoe


    I was thinking of making a knife holder like in the new issue of woodshop (?) but I've never used this wood before. Is this as hard as regular walnut or is it softer? I'm concerned that the knives over time might dig into a soft wood.
  14. William Roscoe

    Cracked Husky

    I noticed my chainsaw was leaving a little gas on whatever I sit it on. I looked a little closer and noticed it had a small crack on the bottom of the orange plastic gas tank. If I lay it on the side and it has less than 1/2 a tank of gas, it doesn't leak. Anyone ever successfully patch a crack...
  15. William Roscoe

    Deck Spindles

    Just put down ipe decking and wanted to do something special for the railings. Thinking of turning about 60 spindles out of cedar and had no place to go for ideas. Needs to be simple so I don't spend the rest of my life on this project. Thought I'd start with about 2.5 to 3" dia. Could go with...
  16. William Roscoe

    Walnut tree allergy

    About a month ago a friend gave me a large walnut tree for free, just for cutting it down and hauling it off. When I got there I saw why. It was about 10 ft from his trailer. He said he had insurance so I cut it down, uneventfully. I hauled it home and layed it down in front of my saw to cut...
  17. William Roscoe

    Conversion varnish

    I use the Sherwin Williams brand of this and it is amazing how good it looks with such minimal effort. Spray it on and wait about 20 min. and lightly sand and then repeat. Usually 3 coats will do the trick. No amber or yellowing color, just water white.Easy clean up with a little xylene.
  18. William Roscoe

    Making wood rings

    I need to make a 19' wood ring, 1' wide. I've just finished making the segmented ring out of White oak and now it's time to glue it to a 19' piece of plywood so I can turn it. I was thinking hot melt glue but I'm not sure I could get it put on the plywood before it dried. I read on this forum a...
  19. William Roscoe

    Is there a problem?

    I am unable to go to general WW or wood turning. Is there something I'm doing wrong or should I just wait and give it more time?
  20. William Roscoe

    Titebond Dark glue

    I bought some Titebond Dark glue yesterday to use on a segmented bowl with walnut. It looks like maple syrup. I figured it was Titebond so it would probably work OK. Anybody ever use this stuff?

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