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  1. liftnaleg1

    met Jack, got my bow hickory plus more!

    If you ever need some more I have tons of Hickory and Persimmon here at the house you can have...If you teach me how to make a bow for my son...i will even rip as many as you want in to blanks for you if you give me the That would be so neat to build and pass down to my...
  2. liftnaleg1

    Working with Dogwood?

    I have turned several time....It is hard but makes gorgeous stuff....I love tuening it, just hard to find a lot of pieces big enough to turn....I have made some box topes and shaker boxes out of it and works great...
  3. liftnaleg1

    Losing my job!!

    Tony I may be able to help...If you can shoot me your resume, I can maybe help you. I work in IT myself and have a business running PeopleSoft/Oracle Projects and have 3 clients in the Raleigh area that I will have some openings coming open soon... Please shoot your resume to me at...
  4. liftnaleg1

    Prize Central...A THANK YOU

    I would just like to add a big, :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: to everyone that came out and made all of this happen, I truely enjoy meeting such a wonderful group people like everyone I met Saturday. A Big Thanks Again to Everyone for making this happen from CB's Burls and WoodSupplies...
  5. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    After lots of talking I will just come to the picnic and show people wood...We will try to be low key to not draw to much attention...If you see several guys at the trailer try and wait a little so there isn't a huge crowd please....If for some reason a issue arises, Scott said we can use his...
  6. liftnaleg1

    Picnic & Wood

    So guys not sure if everyone will see this so Scott If ok with you? I will still come from 8:30 to 9:30, just in case some people might not see this post and might have some reason for not making it to the picninc....etc. etc., I know I have already received a few post saying they will see me at...
  7. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    So I spoke with Scott Smith today and we have nailed down a 8:15 to 9:30 time frame at Scott Smiths House before the picnic....If everyone can RSVP just to this message and let me know who all is coming and how many to expect that would be great. I understand Scott is only 10 mins from the...
  8. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Guys It is 10.00 on Monday night and I havent spoke to Scott yet but it looks like a lot of people want to meet before hand....I'm thinking I will be there at Scott's from 8:30 to 10:00 and then maybe a mid afternoion run back over there or maybe we can find a place to just run up to if you...
  9. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to Find Scott Smith to get in touch with him about the up and comming weekend....Does anyone know how far Scott's is from the picninc site? Is the close enough we can make a few trips back in fourth? Or do we need to set time to meet at Scott's. Guys I have been working 7...
  10. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Guys also I will have a lot fg large pieces that are pieces just to big for me to saw, or I just don't have time to work with them.......These are mostly huge birdseye maple and Ambrosia log I will let go cheap. I have also strated selling on ebay under user name liftnaleg. I have cherry...
  11. liftnaleg1

    DogWood,Birdseye,Cherry Burl

    Guys I have a ton of Cherry Burl, BirdseyeMaple, Ambrosia Maple, and DOGWOOD Burl on ebay....My user name is liftnaleg or just do a search on Cherry Burl and look for items located in Newton NC and once you find one click on Seller's other Items
  12. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    I plan to bring as much as I can in a 6x12 enclosed trailer so everyone start saving your lunch I should be loaded down....
  13. liftnaleg1

    Gun Stock...

    Gorgeous Guns....WOW...Mine is just a single shot 20ga model stevens...It is in perfect condition I just wanted to change the stock and arm over to a really neat wood to start it passing down through the family...I know the models isnt worth anything, but I thought I could add a personnel touch...
  14. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Scott Smith has told me it is ok to use his place for letting you guys to look some wood at the picnic.... I will be bring: Birdseye Maple Birdseye Ambrosia Maple Ambrosia Maple Splated Maple with Ambrosia Cherry Burl Black/Wild Cherry Burl Figured/burled Green Poplar Cedar Burl Holly Tons of...
  15. liftnaleg1

    Crabapple bowl

    I like it...I like doing different pieces myself...Nice Job
  16. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    I will do the best I can on flat stock...I normally cut the logs into 24-36 inch piece so I can move them around easier by myself. I will cut all flat stock 1.5 inches thick and 1" thick...They may not be perfect but I can only do the best I can with the tools I have...I can only resaw 13" wide...
  17. liftnaleg1

    Gun Stock...

    Mr Audio and Chris thanks so much for all the info...I would be interested in the walnut stock if he wants to sale it...Scott I'm going to look at those lathes here in a second.....I was hopping maybe someone on here had one that is why I had asked. Maybe someone will pop up and say hey I can do...
  18. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    OK guys I will have to get in touch with my friend but I figure I will just bring as much as I can and load a trailer full...As far as flat stock the biggest pieces I can cut would be 12" wide and probably 24-36" long...Would 1/2", 3/4", 1" thickness be okay? would those sizes work for you...
  19. liftnaleg1

    Spring Picnic 09 Wood Idea's

    Guys, I didn’t know where else to put this, but I have had a lot of people ask me to come to the picnic and bring some wood...I plan to attend and trying to get a fill on how much I should bring. I have been told by many, but to be honest I have probably forgotten most of the So...
  20. liftnaleg1

    10" Jointer/Planer Combo for $420?

    That is cool...I wish they made a 15" device like this....It would really help me with smoothing out all my blanks for customers, and maybe save some, If anyone see's something like this in a 15" machine please let me know if it is not a crazy high price.

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