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  1. appalachia

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    @LB75 Is it still available?
  2. appalachia

    Grizzly Router Table T10432 - $90 (Swannanoa)

    Thanks for the heads up @Martin Roper. I picked this up, so it’s gone.
  3. appalachia

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    I’m considering. There seem to be a few reviews of these units having electrical gremlins. Have you had any experience like that with yours, or has it been smooth sailing?
  4. appalachia

    20" Band Saw and 3 HP Dust Collector - $850 (Church Hill)

    Wish it was closer. Would definitely snag that dust collector if so. That’s a good price even for just the motor and impeller to use to build a two stage system.
  5. appalachia

    New shop suggestions

    Planning out a shop layout will only go so far, so focus more on planning out your power, dust, etc. lines/access points to be as flexible as possible for future rearranging. It’s definitely super nice to separate the dust collector and compressor into a separate noisy-room with heavy walls...
  6. appalachia

    Musical Instrument Builder

    You can get a decent enough hygrometer to measure humidity for like $10 to $15. While not at all a necessity, getting your work environment to be as stable of a humidity level as possible will make instrument building easier. Just mentioning it because you mentioned a window ac unit which can...
  7. appalachia


    @TBoomz Do you know of a good local source of paulownia?
  8. appalachia

    Musical Instrument Builder

    @Eric M Make sure you get some proper kiln dried wood for the uke. A company I worked for had a batch of instruments that were essentially ruined because some wood for the necks had not been dried to spec, and the necks went into crazy negative relief after the instruments were completed as the...
  9. appalachia

    Musical Instrument Builder

    @gamiller3rd Trained and a few years professional experience in guitar building, but also studied other types of instruments quite a bit. In terms of materials most of my experience is in wood and fabric composites (like carbon fiber).
  10. appalachia


    Here’s a video of an acoustic guitar built almost entirely from paulownia for a sound reference.
  11. appalachia


    It’s the traditional wood choice for kotos so should sound pretty good. Looks like kotos normally use specifically paulownia tomentosa.
  12. appalachia

    Beginner Handtool (Dovetail?) setup

    Chisel suggestion: I started out with the Lee Valley set of 5 bevel edge chisels, and they’ve been great to this day. They were the suggested budget set to get for the school I went to.
  13. appalachia

    Musical Instrument Builder

    I’m a soon to be 30 year old Greensboro native. My main focus is on building musical instruments of all types, but of course shop builds and side projects abound too. Currently in Utah, but moving back to Greensboro mid August and will be getting a shop set up then.
  14. appalachia

    what kind of wood

    The open pores are too long for red oak, so I’d rule that out. I definitely lean toward white oak over ash, but I’ve handled a lot more white oak than I have ash, so it could just be that bias. Is there any ray fleck on the edges? As others have said, the easiest way to determine between white...

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