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    The lottery change their payouts

    Isn't that the truth ... seems like plywood is racing to become equal to the $100 bill. At some point this craziness in lumber prices will end!
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    (SOLD) Dewalt DW788 Scroll saw (Type1) PRICE REDUCED - $325

    I'm no scroll saw expert but my understanding is that the "Type 1" scroll saws like @Hmerkle has are coveted because they were manufactured in North America (USA or Canada) where any "new" Dewalt scroll saw is a "Type 2" and all "Type 2" are manufactured in Asia. (China, Twain etc)
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    Powermatic Tenoning Jig

    Many thanks to a member of this forum for connecting me with a Tenoning Jig! Certainly showed the benefit of a local resource of individuals with similar interests in this case.
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    A few projects

    Very nice! Most important thing is also that the recipient likes the item. We all often become our own most difficult critic.
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    Powermatic Tenoning Jig

    I know this is a long shot as hasn't been made in a number of years but figured this was as good a place as any to potentially get lucky. Does anyone happen to have a Powermatic Tenoning Jig around that they are willing to part with (sell)? A very good friend and mentor has been looking for...
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    What can I get for my lumber?

    Hardwood's Store claims to keep their website prices updated daily so that is probably as quick and easy + local retail market price your going to find.
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    Try it all tinkerer from northern Greensboro

    Hey all, As the title says, I’m a try it all tinkerer from northern Greensboro. I am relatively new to living in NC, been here about 3 years now, but certainly not new to tinkering. As young as just being able to walk I wanted to “help” my grandfather and have always had an interest in how...

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