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  1. chgorugbyref

    Padauk and Curly Maple

    I did a project out of Padauk (and walnut) and it turned out great. Sharp tools and patience will make it work.
  2. chgorugbyref

    WTB: 10/4 Maple and/or Cherry and/or Walnut

    David I have a piece of 10/4 figured maple, that I bought many years ago from another NCWWr. It's about 6' long and I may have another short piece, but not sure. If you are interested I can send you a picture. Jonathan
  3. chgorugbyref

    Looking for a log

    Thanks, I'll be right over;-)
  4. chgorugbyref

    Looking for a log

    I'm looking for a source for a 2 to 3 foot length of log, 12"+ in diameter. I'd like it to use as a chopping block for hatchet work. I'm in N Raleigh, don't have a chainsaw (hmmm maybe an opportunity for new tool) but can come and get it and happy to pay for it. Thanks. jonathan
  5. chgorugbyref

    N Raleigh Cabinet Shop?

    Thx Doug. I appreciate the invite. I will be in touch for a visit.
  6. chgorugbyref

    N Raleigh Cabinet Shop?

    Will do. Thx.
  7. chgorugbyref

    N Raleigh Cabinet Shop?

    Looking for a cabinet shop in N Raleigh (we live outside 540 on Falls toward Wakefield) to do a kitchen island. Any ideas or suggestions from the group would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. chgorugbyref

    Woodcarving w Mary May at Woodwright's School

    I am closing this thread out. I heard from Roy and they have another for my slot. Thanks for the interest and the prayers. Jonathan
  9. chgorugbyref

    Woodcarving w Mary May at Woodwright's School

    Not sure where to post this. I am registered for the Mary May woodcarving class at the Woodwright's School this coming weekend (March 2 &3), but am unable to attend due to a family emergency. I did her other class last year and it was great! I do not know if there is a wait list or if I can...
  10. Cabinet pull

    Cabinet pull

    Rubbed bronze cabinet pull
  11. chgorugbyref

    A deal on carving tools???

    $3200?? Typo maybe? $320 sounds more like it. +1 to Ken's comment about experienced carvers. For $3200 I can buy an awful lot of really nice tools.
  12. chgorugbyref

    Riven axe handle?

    I need a new axe handle to replace the junk that came in my new axe. The grain ran diagonally across the handle and promptly snapped. Does anyone know where I can find a riven hickory or ash handle (36")? Not looking to break they bank but am willing to pay for quality. Thanks. jonathan
  13. chgorugbyref

    Shamrock Stool Design Experiment #2

    I like 'em both. The latest version has a sinuous sexy edge to it with how the light plays off the curves. The earlier version has a simple practicality to it and would fit nicely in a house decorated with Shaker furniture. I think they'll appeal to different people, but both a nice designs...
  14. chgorugbyref

    Wood Magazine - 3 Yrs/ $28

    Hey Jeff I've just started getting Wood Magazine recently after being a subscriber to Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking, and Woodworking. FW is getting a little stale. The best of the bunch IMHO was Woodworking and I was sorry to see it get folded into PW. I've enjoyed Wood Magazine and...
  15. chgorugbyref

    New Table Concept - "The Ballerina" Complete with pics

    Shamrock - That is one cool piece of work. I especially love the feet and legs of the table (sounds like a fetish maybe...). They strike me in a non-traditional fashion so it would be interesting to see the top in a similar fashion. I do like the marquetry (it's beautiful), but it just seems...
  16. chgorugbyref

    Mortise chisels? Narex?

    I am looking to pick up a couple of mortise chisels and would prefer not to break the bank. I spotted the Narex mortise chisels on the Lee Valley site and the Sorby plastic handle chisels at Highland and wonder if anyone has used them. Do they hold an edge? Are they comfortable to hold? Do...
  17. chgorugbyref

    Woodwright's School

    They're doing a great job of holding down the dust on my bench...I thought those were magic tools that made the holes for you and they haven't moved an inch since I put them down. haha js:rotflm:
  18. chgorugbyref

    Woodwright's School

    Just thought I'd share my experience last weekend at Roy's school. I was signed up for the class on Dovetails and Mortise and Tenon Joints as a birthday present from my better half (she rocks!). I have never attempted dovetails (read about 'em plenty, just never took the leap) but I have...
  19. chgorugbyref

    Interesting find - what would you do with it?

    Well if it were in my shop, it would probably end up as sawdust in the dust collector and scraps in the burn pile just like most of the rest of his family....:gar-La;
  20. chgorugbyref

    Looking for WoodSmith No. 55

    I have #55. How can I help you. You can PM me if your still have need of the issue. Jonathan

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