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    Wooden Toys, Anybody?

    The end product will absolutely be made in the US. Our whole business is going to be built around kids products made in the USA and in Europe. We'd love to have exclusively US products but for now we'll have both US and Europe because unfortunately there is a lack of supply in the USA.
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    Wooden Toys, Anybody?

    We are fully aware of everything going on with CPSIA; as things currently stand, there is a stay on the impact until February 2010. Our goal is to support the woodworking industry and manufacturing in the United States. We do plan on getting the products that we sell tested to the extent...
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    Wooden Toys, Anybody?

    Looking to hire an experienced wood worker and designer to make a few toys for our company. The items we’d like to make are larger scale items: a kitchen stove/oven/sink combo (36” to 44” tall), a doll house & furniture, a garage and a barn. We can send design ideas. Of course, since kids...

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