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  1. CDPeters

    Tablesaw overarm.pdf 2019-04-16

    Shop built tablesaw overarm
  2. CDPeters

    CDPeters-Gerstner2610Copy-Sketchup 2019-04-16

  3. CDPeters

    Lowe's forgot to remove the bark off this 2x6...

    Ive never seen that at Lowes. I'm guessing that's about 12/4 stock, maybe FAS grade, poplar - so about 16 bd ft? That would be 4.38/bd ft! Worse if it's only 8/4. Sheesh.
  4. CDPeters

    Gerstner chest

    I uploaded the Sketchup drawing of the one I built (in fact, it's still stuck at the finishing stage waiting for me to get back to it!). I think the file is awaiting moderator approval. There is also an album of the build in my gallery (Jeff linked it above). It was a fun (but complicated)...
  5. CDPeters

    Remaking My Dado Jig

    I used a couple of pieces of engineered flooring for mine that I had laying around. The substrate is usually @ 1/4" to 3/8" high density fiber board (hardboard) and the actual flooring surface makes a good surface for the router base to ride on. Maybe one of the big boxes has some in their...
  6. CDPeters

    Woodworking Software

    To make it intuitive to a woodworker, think in terms of the operations we do regularly in our shops - i.e. make a cut, drill a hole, etc. After years of piddling with the free version of Sketchup, I still don't know how to cut a component along a cut plane! I also struggle with carrying an...
  7. CDPeters

    59-1/2" Band Saw Blades

    Glad to help out Raymond and glad they were the right parts. I literally stripped those parts the day before your original post - talk about the stars aligning! Cheers, C.
  8. CDPeters

    Interesting dovetail

    I believe that's called a "housed dovetail"...
  9. CDPeters

    Tree identifcation

    Willem - yep, the local Extension/Forestry service folks are generally a great resource! WRT Long Leaf Pine, it is a very interesting species. LLP requires fire in order to (a) get the cones to open up and drop seed and (b) expose bare soil in order for the seed to "take". Generally speaking...
  10. CDPeters

    Bar Clamp Pads

    +1 on the cork or leather pads. Harbor Freight sells a 3 pack of replacement pads (3 fixed end + 3 screw end pads) for 1.99. They might just fit.
  11. CDPeters

    59-1/2" Band Saw Blades

    Roger that Raymond. I think I have those parts, I'll check when I get home. PM me your address and I will mail them off to you.
  12. CDPeters

    59-1/2" Band Saw Blades

    Raymond, what part specifically do you need? I just parted out an old (probably about 20+ years?) Delta 9" bandsaw - I think the model was 28-150 - not sure on that though. If mine is same as yours, I'd be glad to sent you the parts you need. A picture of what is needed might be useful to...
  13. CDPeters

    Festool Domino

    Dominoes are also much beefier than biscuits...
  14. CDPeters

    Spray booth ventilation

    According to what I've read, the "rule of thumb" is 4 air volume exchanges per minute. So assuming a 10' ceiling height, you have 720 cubic feet in the room, times 4 = 2880 cfm. I would keep the air velocity within the booth down to around 100 lfpm, so your filter makeup inlet would need to be...
  15. CDPeters

    Can this be Walnut?

    I agree, but difficult to tell for sure. To be sure, spalted pecan or hickory can make some nice panels. Below example is curly red oak cabinet with spalted pecan book matched panels.
  16. CDPeters

    And so the new shop begins

    They are basically leave-in-place screed rails. While pouring, the screed rides on them to level the pour. Once set, they also form the expansion joints, eliminating the need to do saw cuts. I couldn't find Key Lock, but here is a similar product...
  17. CDPeters

    New shop size?

    Not to be flip, but twice as big as you think you'll need. I built mine 10 years ago @675 ft2 and now I wish it was twice that size. Put lumber storage and finishing room at the top of the considerations list instead of the bottom (like I did!).
  18. CDPeters

    New band saw belt

    A50 belts are pretty common, most auto parts stores should have it. Having said that, I'm with Mike, first check both the drive (motor) and load (saw) pulleys to be sure nothing has worn or come loose, check motor and saw bearings for slop, and be sure all mounting bolts are still tight.
  19. CDPeters

    Rolling/mobile clamp rack recommendations

    No picture, but my uncle built his under his assembly table. One long side has drawer storage, the opposite long side stores long clamps horizontally. The ends both have short clamp racks. That way they are always right at hand at the assy table. I currently use a wall mount rack which is...
  20. CDPeters

    And so the new shop begins

    Guessing about 24x32 ??

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