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    Plans on the web

    I can not seem to find any decent plans for twin over full bunk beds any ideas? Thanks Dwight
  2. J

    router profiles for cabinet doors

    I have been searching the net for a chart that shows the profiles for cabinet doors.I need to print it to show a customer. Any sites ideas? Thanks Dwight
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    who we are

    Hello to all My name is Dwight Jeeves I joined in Jan. of 2006 I had stroke 3 yrs, ago so been away awhile I have recovered fairly well so Iam back in the shop.( it beats being in the big shop above) The site looks great! Dwight:icon_cheers
  4. J

    Steel City BS

    I was looking at a Steel City BS Anyone Know anything about them, I have never own Steel City tools. Thanks in advance!
  5. J

    Wine glass rack pattern

    Looking For a pattern or dimensions for hanging stemed wine glasses overhead upside down Thanks in advance Dwight :help:
  6. J

    Prefinished panels

    Where can I purchase. The type used in closet built ins I think its covered with vinyl. Thanks Dwight
  7. J

    3 to 4 inch clear plastic tubes

    In Raleigh area. I have checked at Piedmont Plastics. They are used in bird feeders I need about 10 or 12 ft.Thank you in advance. Dwight
  8. J

    4x8 x1/2 sheets of plastic wood

    Looking for a supplier of 4x8x1/2 sheets the plastic is similar to the ext. trim bd. at HD I purchase some a few years ago in Raleigh but of course can not remember where. Thanks to all in advance Dwight
  9. J

    5/8 cabinet grade plywood

    Need to find 5/8 cabinet grade plywood. in raleigh area Thanks Dwight
  10. J

    Wtb, wooden, raised, panel, doors,

    I need a number of raised panel doors there a local supplier with a fairly quick turn around Thanks Dwight
  11. J

    anyone with a pro shop need work?

    about 6 weeks ago I had stroke I am doing OK.I have at my house in Apex but my woodworing days are over due to the stroke.until I sell my home and shop.I am looking fo a pro. woodworker in the area that I could pass incoming work to please e mail your contact infor. thanks Dwight...
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    exterior oil finish

    I Need Some Advice On A Good Ext. Stain Product. It Will Be Applied To A Mahogany Arbor. It Is A High End Arbor So I Like To Give The Customer A Nice Oil Finish Thanks Dwight
  13. J

    Need to purchase 1x8 Mahogany

    I need to purchase 1x8 mahogany in the Raleigh area. Is there a local supplier? Thanks Dwight
  14. J

    Pin Nailer Which One And Where

    I Am Looking To Buy A Pin Nailer. Anyone Have Any Feed Back On One. Can They Really Drive A 2" Pin Without Bending? Thanks Dwight
  15. J

    Which Mini Lathe ??

    I Am Looking To Buy A Mini Lathe. Any Idea Which One Is The Best? Mid Price Range Thanks Dwight
  16. J

    Redwood needed

    I need to purchase some redwood.2 by and 1 by. Are there any local suppliers? Thanks Dwight
  17. J

    Lazy Susan

    I have a kitchen cabinet job to do, It has a lazy susan in it, anyone know of a design for a good basic door system. The one that I seen did not seem hold up well. Thanks Dwight
  18. J

    Maple Crown

    I need about 25 ft of maple crown about 2 1/2 wide . In the Raleigh area. Thanks Dwight
  19. J

    paint - prime PT lumber

    I need to put a finish primer and or paint on an arbor. I get a different story from each experts. Has anyone put a finish on PT lumber. Thanks Dwight
  20. J

    Needed 6' x 6' oak table top built

    I need a 6'x6' x 3/4 oak table top built. Anyone know where I can buy something like that. Thanks Dwight

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