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    clear finish

    Just was courteous what folks use for a clear finish. I generally use Polyurethane spray but I have at times had trouble with yellowing later. I am looking to us on a flag and don't want yellowing stars. Also want to have to protect a book case. Nothing exciting made of cheap pine, and daughter...
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    Home made Table Saw from 50's/ pressure washer.

    This would be for someone interested in collecting OLD table saws. I have a hand home made table saw which was made by a friend of mines grandfather in the 1950s. He needed it out of his shop so he could get a new saw. He asked if I would use it and since I did not have any saws and he did not...
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    Just wanted to say Hello

    Good evening folks. I have just settled in Winston Salem from Indiana and was fortunate enough to have been invited to come here to be a part of your the group. Thanks ScottM

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