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    8.50 a board foot?

    I would like to help you but I have no clue. I am sure someone will have help for you soon and I'll check so I can learn too.
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    Intarsia mainly

    Thanks for sharing Very. nice work
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    Anybody dealt with this dealer? looking for some T and G cypress

    I have been looking at replacing a retaining landscape wood fence. presently Cedar and rotting not a large area and about 3-4 feet high. I have saved the web site but not ready to start. Would be interested in your oppinion. Thank you
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    Crochet hook

    Mike that looks like it would be improvement to holding and comfort. I am not much of a turner but might think about it I have a daughter and grand daughter who crochet. Not sure about doing the hook but will start pondering this. Thank you for showing.
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    Sjorberg Bench or something different?

    I bought one years ago at HF went together well and has moved from Indiana to here. It is pretty strudy I do have a tool box on it. wood or tools underneath. It has served me well and will continue to as far as I can see. For what I use it for I am happy. It was long enough ago it was on sale...
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    clear finish

    Thank you all for the great information I will I have the case cut and will be finishing soon.
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    clear finish

    Thank you I do not have HVLP available. Have used other method not water based Poly yet but will on these projects Thank you Richard and Zach. Very helpful and quick replies
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    clear finish

    Just was courteous what folks use for a clear finish. I generally use Polyurethane spray but I have at times had trouble with yellowing later. I am looking to us on a flag and don't want yellowing stars. Also want to have to protect a book case. Nothing exciting made of cheap pine, and daughter...
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    Living With Arthritis in the Hands

    Mike I know and feel your pain. I am a scroller and have pain in the thumb base and both hands and used splints.. These helped I figured out it was coming from the tensioning of the scroll saw. Also I have used Asper cream with some relief. I have had one knee replaced and the other is needed...
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    Home made Table Saw from 50's/ pressure washer.

    Up date on pressure washer . James has taken it home this afternoon. Thank you for stopping and picking it up. It was nice to meet James and share my shop with him as well. Thanks for the great conversation and looking at my shop and some of my work.
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    Home made Table Saw from 50's/ pressure washer.

    Mike I just sent Pics to your email address. Sorry for delay it has been quite a week end. If you don't get them let me know.
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    Home made Table Saw from 50's/ pressure washer.

    Mike and James I responded to both of you and hope it went through. I was using my phone which is not real familiar to me in sending pictures and stuff. Christopher If I can figure out later how to attach pictures to my message from my phone I will. Sorry I am stuck in the 20th Century. Mike the...
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    Home made Table Saw from 50's/ pressure washer.

    This would be for someone interested in collecting OLD table saws. I have a hand home made table saw which was made by a friend of mines grandfather in the 1950s. He needed it out of his shop so he could get a new saw. He asked if I would use it and since I did not have any saws and he did not...
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    Cabinet use outdoors

    I was given a set of kitchen cabinets after being in a Kitchen for 20 years and I had them in my garage after that for 15 years and as far as I know they are still there; Sold the house moved here from Indiana
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    What kind of tree is this?

    Best I can do for you it is certainly a wooden tree. Sorry my brain is warped. Hope the wood isn't
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    Picking A New Riding Mower

    My first rider was one from a father in law which was a JC penny. sorry if that dates me some. After that I had a Troy built Wheel horse and was just that a horse. mowed extra acres had that for 20 plus years then the deck rusted out and cost almost as much as a new mower so then got a John Deer...
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    Mother's Day Bowl

    Very nicely done. Mom will be happy. Now you got me thinking to try again.
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    Mill Work Needed

    Thank you sir I will keep this for future consideration to purchase wood
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    Maple pieces

    Thanks that was perfect and clears it up.
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    Maple pieces

    I am new here just have question what is Pony expressing mean.

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