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    Thos Moser Furniture show

    Thos Moser will host a furniture show in the research triangle Marriott (4700 guardian dr ) on 13 may from 8AM to 6PM with a chair making demo from 11AM to 3PM. may be just a sales pitch but the chair making demo may be worth the trip - no charge that I know of .For questions call...
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    bending 2 1/2"cherry

    I'm going to make a copy of the edo rocker by mosler. It seems to call for the bending of 2 1/2" cherry . I plan to try a steam box - steaming 1" per hr and then see if i can bend it to a mold. The radius is kinda smallwith an angle of bend approximately 135*. Is this doable and will there be...
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    cutting crown on the flat need angles for 10*

    I need to cut crown molding on the flat for angles 10* to the vertical and 808 TO THE HORIZONTAL WITH 90 DEGREES WALL ANGLE help
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    hand held belt sander

    I burned out my belt sander and am in the market for a new one. Anyone have any suggestions on which is best/cheaoest or a combination of the two - I would appreciate any help thanks
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    Cemetery Arbor Gate

    View image in gallery It is finally mostly installed - waiting for the powers to be to decide whether or not to install pavers under the gate annd arbor (it affects the sacrificial ft on the posts) The archs are 171/2 ft across made of laminated oneny cyprus withstaggered splined joints. the...
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    EDO Rocker

    I am looking for plans for the EDO rocker built by Thom Moser. If you have them or could tell me where to get themI would appreciate aany help you can provide. Thanks poppop
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    looking for cyprus

    I need a bunch of cyprus to build an arbor gate for our church.Need 8/4 and 4/4 anyone have any for sale. thanks
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    Dropped posts

    Iwas just non a forum a typed a long reply to question asked and was summarily eliminated from the forum and had to log in on each and every link i wanted - is this how we operate?
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    I was looking for some cyprus to make a fence for our church.Anyone have a bunch available or know where some could be had.thanks
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    sign lettering

    I'm making a sign for the entrance to my church -I thank you all for the help in cutting the letters. I am going to use gold lettering (exterior) paint. I was considering using glass beads to make ie more reflective. Does anyone have any experience with glass beads and their effectiveness?thanks...
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    Shop built "multirouter"

    Several years ago I read an article in (I think it was) American woodworker. Unfortunately I have misplaced several of my older issues ( somewhere around no 198 I think) and cant recover the piece . Does any one know of this or similar jig for cutting multiple mortices. thanks for the help.
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    bent lamination lamp

    ttrying to get a copy of this show. anyone know how
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    crown molding cut flat

    I have always cut crown molding the normal way on a miter saw. i would like to try and do it flat because the size does not fit the saw.I looked on the net for the compound angle charts but was wondering if anyone has had experience using these
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    new to the block - but this place sounds like a wealth of knowledge.retired for 15yrs and am into some serious woodworking. bought a 6' grizzly jointer which i love but wou ld like to upgrade to an 8'. any suggwestions about how to go about this poppop

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