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    New old guy

    Been a long hot week already, and it’s just Wednesday. Car thermometer was reading 100 when I left for the post office. Settled down to a balmy 94 after the ride. I have 5 rides, 3 are 20+ years old. 1 is’07 one nearly new. The nearly new one is the only one that has working a/c. Guess which one...
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    New old guy

    Thanks for the welcome. Still learning to text, or whatever we're doing here. To Jim, my memory sticks and I have back issues also. Good to know I'm not the only one. Just kidding. I really am a dinosaur. I had a flip phone until it finally quit last year. No text, no mail, no camera. Now I have...
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    New old guy

    I have enjoyed this site for years, but hadn't joined. I don't do tech very well. I have been building cabinets since 1975. Also a licensed home builder. Had to retire 10+ years ago due to health issues. Although I am pretty much low tech, I was pretty good at building boxes. Big boxes...

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