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    Unable to access Classifieds

    Count me in.
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    Article: An Article, What is it?

    Thanks to all.Great Job!!! Dwight Jeeves
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    Need of lumber storage rack (mobile)

    WOOD magazine issue 205 July 2011 Has plans for a nice one. Good Luck Dwight
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    Plans on the web

    I can not seem to find any decent plans for twin over full bunk beds any ideas? Thanks Dwight
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    router profiles for cabinet doors

    I have been searching the net for a chart that shows the profiles for cabinet doors.I need to print it to show a customer. Any sites ideas? Thanks Dwight
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    who we are

    Hello to all My name is Dwight Jeeves I joined in Jan. of 2006 I had stroke 3 yrs, ago so been away awhile I have recovered fairly well so Iam back in the shop.( it beats being in the big shop above) The site looks great! Dwight:icon_cheers
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    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day Dwight
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    Steel City BS

    I was looking at a Steel City BS Anyone Know anything about them, I have never own Steel City tools. Thanks in advance!
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    Kitchen Cart Completed

    Great job and the finish looks good Dwight
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    Wine glass rack pattern

    Looking For a pattern or dimensions for hanging stemed wine glasses overhead upside down Thanks in advance Dwight :help:
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    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Steve Have a Great birthday (why not make it all month) Dwight
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    Looking for Adirondack Chairs

    I have made well over a hundred. PM me Ilive in Holly Springs
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    Prefinished panels

    Where can I purchase. The type used in closet built ins I think its covered with vinyl. Thanks Dwight
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    Cordless Tool Station: Project Completed

    Great job Looks great! Dwight
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    Happy Birthday DaveO

    Dave have a great day Dwight:eusa_danc
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    Bandsaw Box

    Looks great! You must be the band saw master Dwight
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    Name Plaque

    Nice job Looks great ! Dwight Jeeves
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    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle

    Joe have a great day/year Dwight Jeeves
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    Small Box, X-mas gift (FINISHED!!)

    Re: Small Box, X-mas gift Tom another great job! Dwight
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    Wifes first poroject

    Rick she did a really great job. there only one thing to do with the holidays ahead is to buy her some nice tools for the shop. Dwight

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