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  1. William Roscoe

    Longworth style chuck

    I've got the commercial one and it does work, you have to be low RPM and very gentle. I've lost some bowls and I would not recommend it. Jam chuck is the way to go!
  2. William Roscoe

    It's a two door

    I'm getting ready to do the same thing X18 so I was wondering where you got the hardware and was it expensive and now that you have installed it, do you have any advise or warnings for me??
  3. William Roscoe

    Sawmilling lumber for my new home

    I use anchorseal on hardwoods but I didn't think I would need that on pine and poplar 2x boards. I don't want to waste any so thanks for the tip!! I will be using white oak for the floor joist.
  4. William Roscoe

    Sawmilling lumber for my new home

    I'm first building a 36'wide by 84' long pole barn to house the sawmill on one end and the middle 36'x36' area will be dried in for my shop tools and the last 36'x36' section I'll dry the lumber with vertical boards about an inch apart so the air can circulate thru. I'll probably come back in a...
  5. William Roscoe

    Sawmilling lumber for my new home

    If it comes from the same land that the house is built on, no inspection stamp needed. You do have to show the trees to the home inspector first, before you cut them down
  6. William Roscoe

    Sawmilling lumber for my new home

    With the recent increase in lumber cost, I've decided to cut my own lumber on my sawmill and air dry it. Should I be spraying it with something to keep mold from developing on it?
  7. William Roscoe

    Cigar Humidor

    Nice work! Now it's time to visit cigar bid
  8. William Roscoe

    Composite decking

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to space it 12" oc and I'm getting a very light gray color to help with the heat problem.
  9. William Roscoe

    Composite decking

    Do you think the TimberTech is a better choice?? Who sells it?
  10. William Roscoe

    Composite decking

    I'm replacing the deck at my beach cottage and I was thinking of using Trex from Lowes. Anybody have any experience using this stuff or other brands? I'm concerned about the constant sun and salt that it will be getting in that harsh environment.
  11. William Roscoe

    New way to quickly dry green bowls

    wonder if it might be even better to let it dry with the fan for 2 days?? Or even 3. I'd like it to be below 10% at least
  12. William Roscoe

    Turning ... Candy

    interesting but sticky.
  13. William Roscoe

    Making my trees into shop flooring?

    To transport and cut and dry and mill and bring back that in flooring, I think you would be way ahead, both in time and money, to buy some surplus flooring on CL. Just sayin'
  14. William Roscoe

    Writing on walnut

    just got around to turning 4 bowls yesterday and put anchorseal on them. I also cut a 6" section off of 1 of the larger pieces and I ran out of time but I'll go back and mark and cut it into sections on the bandsaw. This will be my first time turning wood this way. I'll post some pictures when I...
  15. William Roscoe

    Writing on walnut

    Pictures of a walnut tree I was lucky enough to get. Plan to use this only for turning!
  16. William Roscoe

    Writing on walnut

    Good ideas, for sure. I think I'll try hobby lobby first. I'm trying to mark on the end grain, cutting 5 equal sized triangles (72 degrees). Then I'll I should be able to turn it and get the grain as even circles, top to bottom with dark wood at the bottom and light colored sapwood on top. Saw...
  17. William Roscoe

    Writing on walnut

    Got some walnut logs I'm cutting into smaller pieces but nothing shows up on this dark wood. I need a white pencil:). Any ideas??
  18. William Roscoe

    Rolling Pin Plans

    I saw some plans for a combo rolling pin and paper towel holder about 6 months ago and now I cannot remember where I put that magazine. I believe it was tapered on both ends and had contrasting wood on the ends. Any ideas??
  19. William Roscoe

    Pen mandrel problems

    The pen mandrel was easily tightened into the talon chuck and I made sure it was straight by sliding the tail stock up to the other end. Works great! Now it's time to get busy and make some Christmas presents!
  20. William Roscoe

    Pen mandrel problems

    I think you might have something there, FredP. I'll see if mine unscrews when I get home

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