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  1. wbarnes

    Chairs finally Done!

    Great work on the chairs, and the table also! Did you say you made the plans for the chairs yourself?
  2. wbarnes

    What is your most disliked or disappointing tool?

    Right when I started getting into woodworking I picked up a used Ryobi BT3000 on Craigslist for about $100. I thought I had gotten a fantastic deal at the time… realized about 15 minutes after first trying to use it that I had made a very poor decision so I sold it as quick as I could. Lesson...
  3. wbarnes

    Moisture meter recommendation

    I got a Klein ET140 on Amazon a few months back for around $40. Seems to be good quality with accurate results for the price.
  4. wbarnes

    New Member in Havelock

    Thanks for reaching out, Matt. I’ll contact you when I’m able to PM and hopefully make it out to a meeting soon.
  5. wbarnes

    Mini Gyro Air

    I agree. Cool idea with good results, but terrible execution.
  6. wbarnes

    World Timber Corp in Hubert?

    Do you know if they carry Baltic birch ply?
  7. wbarnes


    I would definitely be interested in some white oak if I was closer to you… 3 hours one way is a little further than I’m willing to travel at the moment. If anyone closer is planning a trip to the beach in the next couple weeks keep me in mind!
  8. wbarnes

    World Timber Corp in Hubert?

    Does anyone have any experience getting wood/BB ply from the World Timber Corp in Hubert, NC outside of Jacksonville? I’ve thought about contacting them but thought maybe someone here could offer some insights. Thanks!
  9. wbarnes

    New Member in Havelock

    Hi everyone, I’m not only new to the site, but also fairly new to woodworking. I’ve worked construction in the past and home remodeling projects slowly led to hobby woodworking (mainly cabinets, furniture, and more useful/practical applications). I hope I can become part of the community and...

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