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  1. Linc H

    Chairs finally Done!

    wow beautiful work!!!
  2. Linc H

    IPE and Purple Heart Deck

    Recently my neighbor introduced me to IPE. All I can tell you is that stuff weighs a ton. Beautiful and heavy. I have seen Purple heart used in charcuterie boards, and other small projects, never something this large. Looks amazing!!! thanks for sharing.
  3. Linc H

    Rookie Mistake- solved

    Hi Bill, Not sure if you have seen this or not. Hope it is helpful.
  4. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    Thanks Roy, If you have some time to share more pics I would love to see more detail. I appreciate your input!!
  5. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    This is amazing!! I was just thinking I need some where to keep the pieces now. I am not at the level to consider making pieces yet. I may attempt creating a base with the drawer for the pieces. If I did glue it to a backing board, I am fairly certain the bowing would be gone. Is there a drawer...
  6. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    Thanks Roy, I thought about that, however I have placed them so that there are tight fits and corners align etc..
  7. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    Richard, thank you for your question and compliment. I am just learning about how wood is effected by the environment. This is the first time I have see bowing prior to glue up. I wont know until glue up happens this weekend. I am using 3 biscuits per strip and hope that will fix it. I brought...
  8. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    Thanks Fred!!!
  9. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    Thanks for your response Mike. Took one strip to show the variance. Left and right line up on straight edge. Let me know if this helps.
  10. Linc H

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    I am new to wood working; however, I enjoy challenges. One of my first projects this year was making a chess board. It provided plenty of challenges for sure. I chose this project for several reasons. 1) My son and I play chess and thought a board would be a nice gift. 2) Thought I would learn a...
  11. Linc H

    Router table score

    I saw that too. it wasn't going to last long..nice buy
  12. Linc H

    Wild cherry free

    Wow that was a massive Cherry Tree. You weren't kidding about bringing help.
  13. Linc H

    My Third Covid-19 Project; MESDA Inspired Corner Cupboard

    Beautiful piece!! thanks for sharing.
  14. Linc H

    Rolling Workbench - yes or no?

    I built a small workbench for my garage because I have limited space I added these wheels. I love them. They are solid, they have 6 screws to hold them on and they are easy to raise and lower my bench.
  15. Linc H

    Stanley 71 1/2 router plane

    Nice, might even be able to cut a cigar with that when done working on a project :-)
  16. Linc H

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    Thanks Steve, I can come by anytime this week or on weekend. Just let me know what works for you. Looking forward to meeting you.
  17. Linc H

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    please PM me the address and phone is it ok to come this morning?
  18. Linc H

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    I am interested in seeing what you have. I am just starting out in woodworking and would like to get some pieces to work on. I am in Wake Forest, are you near by?

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