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  1. JohnnyR

    Warped chair advice needed

    buggy mail
  2. JohnnyR

    Wanted: Hard Maple or Beech

    Just got some great maple from Klingspor in Cary, I think they're still closed on Sundays.
  3. JohnnyR


    Great job Gene!
  4. JohnnyR

    What can I get for my lumber?

    I've got the Hardware Store printed price list, only a week old. I'll be happy to bring it over for a couple of boards of ebony or if I were really greedy, a couple of 2x4s.
  5. JohnnyR

    RDU Lunch Friday May 21

    Planning on it!
  6. JohnnyR

    2021 Raffle Prize - Klingspors (Prize #1)

    Oh yeah! Buying extra tickets this year!
  7. JohnnyR

    I'm New - Wake Forest\Raleigh

    Welcome Rory, from Rolesville.
  8. JohnnyR

    Stripped Canoe

    Great work Donn. Did you use scarf joints on the purple heart?
  9. JohnnyR

    New in Hillsborough

    Welcome Chris. I really like the base of that table!
  10. JohnnyR

    Happy Birthday FredP

    Happy Birthday Fred!
  11. JohnnyR

    Newbie in Mebane

    Welcome Wiley, I may have met your wife on one of the two times (kitchen & shop) I shortened my digits.:oops:
  12. JohnnyR

    Knee Hole Bureau Ready for Finish

    Beautiful work Dave. Listen to Dan, he knows his S***!
  13. JohnnyR

    Happy Birthday Bas

    Happy Birthday Bas!
  14. JohnnyR

    Wanted to buy - Ebony

    Klingspor usually has some, as does West Penn.
  15. JohnnyR

    Happy Birthday Danmart77

    Happy belated Dan, sounds like Phil is itching to go fishing!
  16. JohnnyR

    Happy Birthday Graywolf

    Happy Birthday Richard!
  17. JohnnyR

    Southern Cellarette

    Excellent work
  18. JohnnyR

    RDU Lunch - Friday April 16

    I'll see how things go.....
  19. JohnnyR

    Contemporary Headboard

    Gorgeous design and execution Bob!!!!!!
  20. JohnnyR

    Long overdue introduction

    Jim, you've become a mentor to many here, always enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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