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  1. wdkits1

    Keepsakes for the Grandkids

    Hi Everyone Going to England next week to see my Son and his family so thought I would make a little something for Sophia and Connor (Grandkids). Sophia will get the Rose box and Connor will get the Ocean Box. Woods used Rose Box; Cherry, Walnut, Bird's Eye Maple, Bloodwood, Lignum Vitae...
  2. wdkits1

    Custom Walking Stick

    Hi Everyone I was recently commissioned to make a Custom Walking stick for a founding member of the LOS CARNALES motorcycle club in Midland Texas. The client sent a photo of the club logo which was to be incorporated as an intarsia on the top of the stick.I did a rough draft of the stick using...
  3. wdkits1

    Custom Frames

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of my newest project. These Custom Frames were made for presentation gifts for the soccer coaches at the University of Vermont for winning the America East soccer Championship. When I started working with the client the first thing I did was to get written...
  4. wdkits1

    Custom Tavern Sign

    Hi everyone This Custom Tavern Sign is made from White Oak with individually cut Peruvian Walnut letters. The Custom Intarsia Beer Mug is made from Holly, Maple and Yellowheart. No stains, paints or dyes were used on this project. Measures 20" wide x 24" tall. I used a bottom bearing pattern bit...
  5. wdkits1

    Custom Heating System

    Hi Everyone Many years ago when I was a teenager growing up in Maine, a buddy needed some work done on his car so we went to Bob's garage. Bob had a pretty good sized shop( about 2000 sq. ft). No Insulation, high ceilings and being in Maine in the middle of January( and about 20 degrees) I...
  6. wdkits1

    Another Custom Box

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of another Custom Jewelry Box I just completed. Made from Peruvian Walnut and Cherry with Maple and Bloodwood accents. Measures 12" x 8" x 4" Fun Stuff
  7. wdkits1

    Intarsia Kits

    Hi Everyone For those of you who ordered my Intarsia Project Kits this is to inform you that they are on the way.:eusa_clap Thank you for your order Although I started producing Intarsia Project Kits in 1993, my business has changed direction to include not just the kits, but finished pieces of...
  8. wdkits1

    Custom Intarsia Frame

    Hi Everyone Here is a sneak peak of my newest Intarsia project.This is the top section of a fairly large frame (24" x 30") made from cherry with Custom Inlay using Maple , Purpleheart, and Lignum Vitae (Green). I used a hinge mortising router bit and 1/2" plywood pattern to recess the inlay. I...
  9. wdkits1

    Thanks Everyone for a great day

    Hi Everyone First of all, I would like to thank Bill for hosting the Intarsia Class at his shop. I was a little skeptical at first when he offered his shop, but after walking in and seeing the size, all of the different work areas available for everyone to work at, good lighting and a restroom...
  10. wdkits1

    Policeman's Valet

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of my newest project. Made from Walnut with Holly accents. The Intarsia Crusader Cross is made from Holly and Ebony surrounded with bookmatched walnut. The interior is lined with blue suede . Measures 15" x 15" x 8". The hardware is Nickel plated. The lock is...
  11. wdkits1

    Zebrawood Knife Block

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of my latest Custom Knife Block Project. Made from Zebrawood with Cherry slot face. Measures 15" L x 9" W x 11" tall and weighs 19 lbs . All of the Zebrawood sections are bookmatched. The interior sections that make up the thru slots are made of cherry...
  12. wdkits1

    Custom Randell 3.0 Stand

    Hi Everyone Anyone that has seen my work knows I really love to create Custom Functional Intarsia pieces. From One of a kind Jewelry/ Keepsake box lids to Custom Intarsia Beer Tap Handles to Custom Inlayed Virges I will gladly accept any challenge. My newest commissioned project was making a...
  13. wdkits1

    Custom Beer Tap Handle

    Hi Everyone This is a Custom Beer Tap Handle of the Hamilton Crest I just completed. Overall dimensions are 8 1/2" tall x 3.75" wide The Intarsia consists of 60 pieces from 9 different woods. The biggest challenge on this project (besides working with lots of little pieces) was bending the 2...
  14. wdkits1

    Custom Pet Urn

    Hi Everyone I just finished this pet urn for a client in memory of "Bubz" the dog. The urn is made from antique mahogany and measures 8" x 8" x 4" and has a removable bottom cover. The Intarsia consists of 45 pieces from 9 different woods. The Subject photo of "Bubz" supplied by the client...
  15. wdkits1

    It's DONE-Almost

    Hi Everyone Many of you have been following along with my WIP of the Custom Intarsia bookshelf project. I'm here to say that it's done-almost. I finished the mirror image Intarsias yesterday and applied the first coat of finish to the left hand upright. The right side has been done for a week or...
  16. wdkits1

    Long Distance Commission

    Hi Everyone Many of you will remember a project I posted a while back. This was a keepsake box made with an Intarsia of the different Confederate flags on the lid. What I failed to mention was the client that ordered this box lives in Switzerland. He received the box, loved it and immediately...
  17. wdkits1

    Custom Golf Ball Display

    Made from Walnut. This is the prototype display that if approved by my client will lead to an order for 50+ of this style . Fun Fun Fun
  18. wdkits1

    Custom Watch Box

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of a little custom watch box I just finished. Made from Spanish Cedar and measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 3".Intarsia top consists of 10 pieces from 4 different woods. Features secret compartment.Fun little project.
  19. wdkits1

    Finished Intarsia Box

    Hi Everyone Here are the photos of my newest Custom Intarsia Box project. This was a fun project with lots of challenging cutting. Ended up with 104 pieces from 9 different woods.
  20. wdkits1

    Custom Box ( A work in Progress)

    Hi Everyone Here is a sneak peek of my newest Intarsia box that I'm working on.. My client is a civil war buff and wanted to incorporate the flags into the top of the lid. Still have a ways to go but should be very striking when complete. The Box is made from Peruvian Walnut with a Holly accent...

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