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    I finally bit the bullet

    What was your model number, thinking about getting one, been reading a lot of reviews, thx RJ
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    Amana saw blade ?

    Thank you all for your help in my decision, RJ
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    Amana saw blade ?

    Good mornin, woodpeckers has a sale on a Amana saw blade today, combination 50 tooth, seems like a good deal, but I have never had or seen these blades around. Has anyone had experience with and what are your thoughts on this brand, I have a 3hp Sawstop PCs. Thx for your help
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    Did I obsolete half my saw blades?

    I have a 3hp Sawstop, and I believe that the manual says you can not use a thin Kref blade, RJ
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    New Dining Room Table

    Beautiful craftsmanship, I love the view from your dining roo, RJ
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    What is the reason for the tapered lie Nielsen saw, thx RJ
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    Porter cable 4216 box joints

    Thx Neal that was what I needed, how do you like the PC dovetail jig, I was also looking at the Leigh super 12 inch jig, thx again RJ
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    Porter cable 4216 box joints

    Thx, yes that is what I am trying to find out, on the two templates what size box joints would they make, thx RJ
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    Porter cable 4216 box joints

    Good evenin, I am looking at maybe purchasing the PC 4216 dovetail jig, I have been trying to find out what are the sizes of the box joints, all I could find out is it’s miniature template, does any one have this jig that could tell me what the sizes of the 2 box joint template are, thx RJ
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    Table Saw Journey

    I have a Sawstop and it is a fine piece of machinery, and the customer service and support are number 1, RJ
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    Reindeer Pattern Used Well!

    John, thx RJ
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    Reindeer Pattern Used Well!

    Very nice, we’re they made with a band saw or scroll saw, thx RJ
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    Which scroll saw?

    I vote for the pegas saw, they are excellent machine, RJ
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    Machine cleaning & waxing

    I use Johnson wax works great, RJ
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    Burrowing Owls

    A beautiful piec, excellent cuttin, RJ
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    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Being in Texas cowboy boots are the shoe of the day, RJ
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    The death of my first friend, my dad

    So sorry for your loss will keep you and your family in our prayer, RJ
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    Texas country

    Thank you ya all for the warm welcome, RJ
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    Texas country

    Good afternoo, I am from San Antonio Texas, been doing woodworking for about 6 years. A lot of scroll Sawing, making boxes, and some furniture pieces, I am interested in getting into more hand work in the future, thx RJ

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