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    Old Nails, Rust and vinegar @ HD

    This is a more random posting. I demo'd the railing on my house because the nails were too loose and didn't hold anymore and I didn't like the railing design. All of the railing was directly exposed to the rain/weather. I kept the redwood and the pixs are showing the nails I pulled out of it...
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    Member Appreciation

    One of the things I have enjoyed in this forum is the free flow of ideas and the sharing of them. All of you offer real life information and your works provide real inspiration. - For that, Thank you. Bobby G, Phil, Bob, Mike, Ernie, etc....all of you... each of us do things or have ideas that...
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    Hidden Health Risks

    Agreed understanding and recognizing and acknowledging the risks is important. What you decide to do after is your choice and risk. The main thing is do so with the understanding of those risks. Asbestos in tile, siding and mastic is a tiny hazard because it is in a stable medium. Old...
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    Over-The -Top Sanding supply cabinet!

    You are thoroughly dysfunctional and have way too much time... :D ..... Looks Awesome !
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    Rookie Mistake- solved

    If you can plot the trajectory you can drill the other side and use piano wire (.050) to push it out, or tap it in and patch over.
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    Plane blade setting hammer

    "I bought my Plane Setting Hammer for a 1000 pound sterling. Whilst using the hammer, I discovered my 10 quid Stanley worked just as well ............ bugger, got shagged on this deal." Nice Accent they have, too bad -the personality doesn't always match.
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    Hums, but I can't place the tune....

    Check connections then check fuses. If it has fuses, you could have a blown fuse on one leg. If those are ok, then, you could have a bad winding or wire break check each winding with an ohm meter. If they are more than 5% different, that indicate there is a winding bad. While checking windings...
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    Round box

    How do we know this is not just photoshopped ? hmmm? :p Nice workmanship. TBH as of late, I have a new project that is taking all the oxygen of of the day. Work always seems to get in the way of my woodworking.....
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    New Member in Havelock

    Welcome to the forum! You will like the forum and the people. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions. As you begin to immerse yourself you may want to get a couple of lessons. They can be really helpful in getting you aimed the right way. There are some awesome teachers on this site...
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    Plane blade setting hammer

    Wonder how a client would respond to such a statement.... Put into context "... I only make my stair spindles as one off commissions and only use my hand tools in my shop" That being said my custom stair spindles start at 2500.00 and range up to 10,000.00 per spindle......" Uh-huh, that's...
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    Plane blade setting hammer

    Mike ......... my comment "It slices!, it Dices! its the Hotely setting hammer ! ... but Wait ! ..... if you order today......... nice price if you can get it. :oops:
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    Old Growth Redwood

    Attached are some pixs of some redwood I demo'd on my house. Real old growth redwood...... is really red, no white. Even though most of the wood is only 65 " I am going to reface it and keep it.... for something it was installed 50 years ago.
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    DC motor controller

    You know if you are willing to set up a simple system. Just get a AC-Variac (potentiometer) and buy a bag of bridge rectifiers I think a bag of 6 was 10-12 bucks. Then, just wire it up and the variac will control the voltage 0-120v -ac and the bridge rectifier will convert to dc 60 bucks and you...
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    New in Charlotte - with a sawmill

    Welcome to the forum
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    Router table score

    Awesome !
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    The lottery change their payouts

    So......... I am thinking the lottery will begin allowing you to chose how you receive your payout winnings either in : 1. Currency 2. Crypto Currency or 3. Plywood ..............
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    Outside finish for Eastern Red Cedar?

    Just Linseed Oil. Cedar and Redwood, my parent's lived in Redwood country in California. All the outside furniture was treated with Linseed oil thinned with mineral spirits 10-20%. Lasts about 3-4 years, then just wash down the wood and retreat, not on the same day of course. It will darken the...
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    Bandsaw Tire came loose

    Carter recommends 3M 4799 Scotch-Weld Industrial Adhesive for installation of 20 inch and smaller rubber bandsaw tires. According to Carter the 3M 4799 Adhesive creates a excellent, lasting, flexible bond.
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    Subfloor framing

    Yes, This is a very common practice. On the west coast where about 50% + homes are joist floor this is/was the standard code requires max 8 ft for blocking. Sometimes seismic will require blocking closer than 8 ft and will require some hold down straps the look like a hurricane tie but wider.
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    Concrete Floor Leveling?

    Built more building construction projects than I like to admit to. My experience has shown me the only concrete leveling that is effective is expensive if you really want level. The epoxy leveling systems will help but are prone to chipping if there is large temperature swings. May not be an...

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