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  1. AL Spicer

    Everything Must Go

    Due to health reasons I’m closing down my shop. I have been a long-time lurker and sometimes contributor. I’m in Dallas, NC at 4110 Puett’s Chapel Rd. 28034. I have set up a craigslist page showing items and descriptionAll items are priced at 1/2 or below current price. PM me if you’re...
  2. AL Spicer

    Different for me too

    Hello All, Just catching up on the forum and saw Dan’s (danmart77) post on “Time for Something Different”. Very interesting chair and it reminded me of a project I just finished that was different for me. The table is 24”D x 31”H. I wanted to embellish it using inlay stringing on the top. The...
  3. AL Spicer

    Wiring question

    All, I have a quick question for some of you electricians. I need to run a new electrical line for a light indoors. I already have some UFB (underground) 12-2 on hand, is there any reason other than cost I can’t use it instead of NMB (Non-Metallic) wire? Thanks, Al
  4. AL Spicer

    Craftsman Challenge

    Hello All, I just finished entering one of my pieces for the 2016 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge. It is a Tilt Top Table 30W x 30H x 30D. It contains 20,400 pieces in the design. The three main veneers used were mahogany, fumed eucalyptus, and bloodwood. The edging was quartered sapele and...
  5. AL Spicer

    Source for sharpening near Gastonia or Shelby.

    Does anyone know of a source in the Gastonia or Shelby area that could sharpen a tablesaw blade? I'm looking to get one of my old blades ground to cut dovetail on the tablesaw.
  6. AL Spicer

    Latest project with photos

    I always read where people are asking for pictures of completed projects.... I just finished a demilune table with marquetry Morning Glory flowers and vines. I made one similar to it several years ago and gave it to my niece, but it wasn’t quite as complicated. I wanted to do another one for my...
  7. AL Spicer

    Powermatic planer vs. Grizzly planer

    I would like to get some feedback on which machine people feel is the better choice excluding price. The Powermatic 209HH-1 20" Planer with the Byrd Helical Cutter or the Grizzly G1033X 20 with Spiral Cutter.
  8. AL Spicer

    Finish for outdoor bench

    Hello, I have no experience with finishing outdoors furniture. I’m looking for recommendations as to what would be the best finish for a Red Oak bench I’m working on. Any help would be appreciated. Al
  9. AL Spicer

    Looking for back issue of FWW #171 & 172

    Hello All, Does anyone have a copy of Fine Wood Working magazine # 171 & 172 they would sell me, loan me or make a copy of the Pennsylvania Tall Clock article by Lonnie Bird. I check with FWW for the back issues and they are out of #171. I will be happy to reimburse anyone for any expense...
  10. AL Spicer

    Hello from Greensboro

    Hello all, Just joined the group and wanted introduce myself. I live in Greensboro, NC and have been a woodworker for the past 30+ years. I have posted some pictures of things I have recently completed in Al's photo gallery. I need to take pictures on the red oak mission style bedroom suite I...

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