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  1. blazeman45

    ISO 1/4” MDF Bead Board Plywood

    Checked the inner web and can’t find any locally… anyone have any ideas or possibly have some laying around they want to part ways with?? Steve
  2. blazeman45

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    The large walnut boards to the left and the plywood on the right are not included.
  3. blazeman45

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    Glad to see the interest and thanks everyone. I will be available this coming weekend to pick up. I’ll pm in the order of responses and schedule times.
  4. blazeman45

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    Located in Pleasant Garden... I’ll post a pic of the pile this evening... It will be first come first serve. I’d like to see several members benefit from it
  5. blazeman45

    ***FREE*** Hardwood

    After closing our business May 1st and preparing to move...I am cleaning the shop... I have a ton of hardwood scraps mostly 8/4. They vary in width and lengths with most being around 16-24” long. I have an abundance of walnut and the remainder is cherry, maple, and Sapelle. Let me know if...
  6. blazeman45

    Metal Building for Shop - Looking for Advice

    Has anyone erected an all metal building for their shop? I am likely going that route due to costs but condensation is a major concern for me. I am having the slab poured over plastic to provide a vapor barrier there. I plan to let the slab cure for approximately 6 weeks before I have the...
  7. blazeman45

    Wanted - Construction lumber scraps - Greensboro/High Point Area

    I have a ton of hardwood scraps that is free for the taking with most being 8/4 already planed. Pleasant Garden
  8. blazeman45

    Help Identifying Tree

    Thanks again for all the responses!! I had the log buyer out yesterday and he confirmed it is hickory!!
  9. blazeman45

    Help Identifying Tree

    Actually a storm was approaching so the first half of the split was on the ground and we left the other half up. Mother Nature provided assistance in dropping the other half when we came back!
  10. blazeman45

    Help Identifying Tree

    LOL... You guys are killing me!!!! I thought hickory but found only a couple of small nuts near it... I'll keep digging!! LOL thanks for the responses!!
  11. blazeman45

    Help Identifying Tree

    So I am clearing land for our new house and have this tree I cut.. while I can tell any species of wood in the lumber yard... I know zero about them alive. I think I know what this is but want opinions before I say what I think it is.
  12. blazeman45

    Big Knife Block

    The only thing we use on any of our products is food grade mineral oil.. the block is soaked in a tank and then buffed with our wax
  13. blazeman45

    Big Knife Block

    25 slot walnut on a 45 degree angle. Built for a clients large knife collection. Weighs 26# and 16 1/2” long.
  14. blazeman45

    Plano Panel Clamps

    I have a set of 3 with wall track... need them out of my way. $100
  15. blazeman45

    Yale 3 ton Chain Lift

    Vintage chain hoist... model “Pul Lift” $50... must pick up or PE
  16. blazeman45

    Oops... only takes a second

    So I upgraded my DC to a 5hp Oneida and all I can say is wow! However, I decided to leave my existing snap lock ductwork in place... I was super cautious about leaving at least one gate open for the first week... picture says the rest! Don’t close all the gates! Lol! 3 hours of work today and it...
  17. blazeman45

    ISO cut off scraps...

    I wish you needed walnut... I have tons of those
  18. blazeman45

    12” - 120 Grit PSA discs

    Checking to see if anyone needs some... I have to order a minimum of 25 and can’t use that many before they may deteriorate. $3.75 each.
  19. blazeman45

    Pony Clamps

    ISO 3/4 Pony pipe clamps... don’t necessarily need the pipe as I have plenty. If anyone has extras laying around that they want to sale please let me know. Thanks Steve
  20. blazeman45

    Laguna 2hp Cyclone Dust Collector

    It is claimed for the time being. Thanks and I’ll let you guys know if that changes!

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