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  1. boxxmaker

    Need norfolk Island pine cones

    Does anyone konow where I can get some norfolk island pine cones Thanks Ken
  2. boxxmaker

    Need advice on hemlock

    Hi folks,havn't been doin a lot of turning lately,but am getting back to ti,anyway,I have an offer to get some free wood,but it is hemlock,these tree's are 18" plus in dia.they are down and all I have to do is take em,but I was wondering if anybody has turned this and if so,how is it for...
  3. boxxmaker

    Looking for Canary wood

    HELP, does anybody know where I can get some Canary wood.any help is appreciated
  4. boxxmaker

    Need some NIP

    Hi folks,Anybody know where I can get some nice NIP don't care how I get it,beg borrow,steal buy,trade, hee hee seriously folks If anybody knows where I can get some,please let me know. Thanks Ken :gar-Bi
  5. boxxmaker

    A surprise in the mail

    Came home today and this is what I found outside my door.I had talked to Don Leydens about gettin a few antler pieces from him if he could spare a few and this is what he sent.Now thats a friend :gar-Bi
  6. boxxmaker

    1st Antler Pen

    This is my 1st antler pen,it's for a good friend of ours that gave me the rack and all she wanted from it was a pen and a knife . It was fun to make :gar-Bi
  7. boxxmaker

    My 1st pens

    Well I finally took the plunge and got started in making pens this week.Only took three yrs after the misses got me my starter kit.Can't remember the woods I used.I made two display racks out of Bacoti and mah.Now all I have ta do is figure out how to stop,there fun ta make.:gar-Bi
  8. boxxmaker

    Oak burl (gloat)

    Met a fella at a show I did last weekend that said he had some oak burl I could have if I wanted it.So I went over to his place thur.and this is what he had,the piece I cut off in the top pic is about 18" sq.the burl was about 4x5ft.I got 4 pieces on the trailor before the stihl decided to be a...
  9. boxxmaker

    New BS

    Finally gave up on the Walker turner and now have the Ricon 14" Picked up the last one they had in the store at woodraft in Clearwater today,already put together and ready to go.Can't wait untill next week to put it to work when I get back to NC.They gave me 50.00 off due to it being a floor...
  10. boxxmaker

    New toy from the picnic

    Can't believe I one the Ci0 from Craigs on the last drawing (raffle) It was one heck of a picnic.Loved it :gar-Bi
  11. boxxmaker

    A little wood find

    The 1st pic is the Pecan stump from those two pecan trees that I showed a while back and the other three are from an Oak stump a friend gave me that I ended up getting 6 slabs from,the small one is kinda thin ,but hope to make a mantle clock out of (maybe) and the other blanks( I hope) will end...
  12. boxxmaker

    Chainsaw strikes back

    Well today I had to replace the new chain on my old homelite because I hit some buried wire in a tree.Anyway,I go get another chain and proceded to finish the job (yeah right) Well I started to cut a slice out of the stump,set the saw down on the right side of me an went to pull the slab away...
  13. boxxmaker

    Need a gun safe

    OK folks,this ain't got nothin ta do with wood,but I am looking for a metal gun safe for the misses son.I can't afford to spend a great deal on one,maybe around 100.00 to 200.00 if someone knows where I can get a used one or they have one they want to get rid of,just PM me if you would.It...
  14. boxxmaker

    Need some burl ???

    Found this while camping on piece river at Port Charlotte,to bad ,but I forgot my chainsaw
  15. boxxmaker

    An itty bitty wood gloat

    A friend of mine took down two pecan trees down here in Tampa and gave it all to me.The largest Dia is about 18" I'm goin back over to his place an get the stumps in a week or so,they look like they will have some real nice figure to em.Hope to get a few little bowls and things out of it,if i'm...
  16. boxxmaker

    Survey on HF lathes

    OK before anybody starts throwin rocks,this not a thread to knock these lathes at all :no:,but how long have you folks had your lathe,or better yet ,how old is it.Hope you understand. :gar-Bi ole pals,ole buddys :gar-Bi
  17. boxxmaker

    Craft show in Tampa fl

    After about 3 yrs of contemplating,I finaly took the plunge and dang near drowned:kamahlituShoulda just kept thinkin bout it.:gar-Cr Oh well I did get my setup fee back,I think I made enough profit to take mama to steak & shake :gar-La; but unless some miracle takes place between now an next...
  18. boxxmaker

    Jet lathe on Ebay

    Found this on Ebay,somebody live near PA might be worth keepin an eye on Jet Wood Lathe Turning Tools Gouges - NO RESERVE - eBay (item 230402198217 end time Nov-30-09 13:06:41 PST) :gar-Bi
  19. boxxmaker

    A few bowls I finally finished

    The top one is Ambrosia maple with a walnut foot,14 x 9" and the other one is maple burl 11 X 3" . Both are finished with my own danish oil mixture after sanding to 800 grit,then let dry for about two weeks then sanded again with 0000 steal wool and more 800 grit,then buffed with tripoli,then a...
  20. boxxmaker

    Stihl 045 Chainsaw w/22" bar

    We were out an about today and on the way home I stopped at one of those junk places where this feller had a bunch of CS plus other things of interest.I noticed this Stihl 045 w/22" bar,so beings I need another CS(like a hole in the head)Iask what he wanted for it an when he said 75.00 bucks,I...

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