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    Workshop Floor

    I recently had an outdoor shop built and am just about finished putting up the paneling on the walls. The floors are 3/4" plywood which is fine but I wanted to put some kind of finish on it to help protect it . My neighbor also has a shop and he covered the floor with garage floor paint which...
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    Table and Radial Arm Saw

    Thank You all for the options I have lot to think about. I really appreciate it.
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    Table and Radial Arm Saw

    I like the idea of a common bench, makes a lot of sense. My current table saw is a craftsman contractor saw which has a 24 inch rip capacity, I have had it about 12 years and it has served me well. I purchased the Ezsmart system last year and have used it some. When I used it to cut some maple...
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    Table and Radial Arm Saw

    Hi I am currently in the process of setting up a new shop and figure now is the time to upgrade and maybe downsize. I am considering purchasing a new hybrid tab!e saw and am looking at the Ridgid R4512 or the Grizzly G0771 and wanted to see if others have opinions on either one of these. Also I...
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    Newbie from Wake Forest

    Hi, I just relocated to Wake Forest from MD. I have just had my shop built and am in the process of finishing it and moving my tools in. Just wanted to say hi and am looking forward to using this site.

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