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  1. Arguseyed

    Bookcase tie to sloped ceiling

    For those of you a lot smarter than me, how would you suggest I tie a built-in bookcase into a ceiling like this? The sloped part of the ceiling meets the wall at about 120° and the bookcase will intersect at about the mid point of the slope. I've thought of just leaving it flat at the top and...
  2. Arguseyed

    Makita MAC700 Compressor - $130

    Been watching for a while at Amazon, price just dropped to $130 w/ free shipping. Seems to get decent review and it's supposed to be quiet. Darn credit card literally jumped out of my wallet... Amazon item # B0001Q2VK0 Jeremy
  3. Arguseyed

    Wood storage, milling, where did I go wrong?

    Last weekend I was building a simple panel cutting sled and grabbed a piece of 5" wide 4/4 scrap poplar to use as a fence. Yeah, I know poplar is not the best choice but it's what I had. I proceeded to face joint, plan to thickness, edge joint and then rip to size. Final dimensions = 31"...
  4. Arguseyed

    2 Big Cabinets or 4 Little Cabinets?

    So I'm starting to sketch up a wall unit / entertainment center that I'm going to attempt to build and need some advice. My basic plan is to construct base cabinets with bookshelves attached to the top. As you can see, I've got 2 large cabinet areas that will be offset by a couple of inches...
  5. Arguseyed

    Festool on CL
  6. Arguseyed

    Contractor's saw rip 8/4 stock?

    A rookie needs some guidance here. I'm building an outfeed table for my contractor's saw and need to make some 1.5" square legs. Will my Delta contractor's saw rip 8/4 birch stock? Since I now have a jointer and a planer, I refuse to go to the BORG and buy poplar or red oak! I've got some extra...
  7. Arguseyed

    "Baby Bear" is living in my garage...

    Finally! No more BORG poplar :eusa_danc Pulled the trigger on this little baby after months of looking for a used one. Just couldn't find what I thought was a good deal on a used one. It didn't take long to figure out how sharp jointer knives are. That band-aid was soaked through in about 30...
  8. Arguseyed

    Delta DJ 20 - CL for $1250

    Not exactly sure how good a deal it is but someone might be interested.
  9. Arguseyed

    Rookie needs help w/ wood ID

    Bought these wall cabinets about 3 years ago at Lowe's for my garage. They don't carry them anymore so now I'm going to attempt to build some base cabinets to match. Think it's birch but I though I'd ask the pros. Thanks, Jeremy
  10. Arguseyed

    Router Table Dust Collection

    I'm wrapping up my mobile table saw / router cabinet (pics coming soon)and have a question regarding dust collection. I've only got a Jet 650 dust collector that I move from machine to machine and don't think it'll be strong enough to split between the router cabinet and router fence (that I've...
  11. Arguseyed

    Alert! Biesemeyer for $200 at Lowe's

    Just put on sale this morning according to guy in tool dept. I snagged one and there were 2 left. I've already got a Uni so one of these will be for sale here soon! Jeremy
  12. Arguseyed

    Planing old PT boards?

    I guess this is sort of woodworking. Would there be any problem in removing the pressure treated decking boards that make up my front steps and run them through my planer (Dewalt 733) ? There about 5 years old and have been pressure washed every year and re-sealed with Cabots, but they're...
  13. Arguseyed

    Quandary - Opinions needed (gloat or not)

    Long story, bare with me. Built a big (10' long) plank top bench a few years ago from a plan I saw in ShopNotes. Now that the wood disease has got me bad, I realized I needed a more functional bench and more room for tools. I kind of thought my neighbor and good friend had his eye on it for a...
  14. Arguseyed

    First Real Project

    Well, it's a start. I've been working on a saw cabinet for my contractor's saw I picked up a few months back and part 1 is complete. I've still got the router cabinet portion to go which I started on today. I've also got to work on a way to cover the back of the saw a little to help w/ dust...
  15. Arguseyed

    CL Unisaw in Raleigh (I think)

    Not mine but wish it was.
  16. Arguseyed

    The wife recommended I buy a....

    dust collector! She was complaining about the sawdust being tracked in the house and asked how much one would cost. I could hardly contain my grin :-D I think she's right, especially after picking up this planer over the weekend. Had...
  17. Arguseyed

    Contractor saw - motor removal

    This might be a stupid question but since I know less about electricity than I do brain surgery, I though I'd ask here. Is there any reason I could / should not install a quick disconnect in the wire that runs from the motor on my contractor's saw to the switch? In anticipation of rolling my...
  18. Arguseyed

    My first GLOAT (I think?)

    Picked up a 15 year old Delta contractor's saw from CL last weekend for $120. Awesome condition. Then today, searched all three local Lowe's (Apex, Cary) to see if any of them had any Uni's left from that clearance ($300 down to $165) they were doing a month or so ago. The last one I checked...
  19. Arguseyed

    Unisaw on eBay (in Waxhaw)

    $800 starting bid, item # 230121932725. No pictures though.. JT
  20. Arguseyed

    Woodworking equipment on CL

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