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  1. boxxmaker

    Need norfolk Island pine cones

    Does anyone konow where I can get some norfolk island pine cones Thanks Ken
  2. boxxmaker

    Need advice on hemlock

    I guess nobody here has turned this wood or knew anybody that has.Hmmmmm
  3. boxxmaker

    Need advice on hemlock

    Hi folks,havn't been doin a lot of turning lately,but am getting back to ti,anyway,I have an offer to get some free wood,but it is hemlock,these tree's are 18" plus in dia.they are down and all I have to do is take em,but I was wondering if anybody has turned this and if so,how is it for...
  4. boxxmaker

    Maple Hollowform

    Lookin good,love it
  5. boxxmaker

    Looking to move up and asking for recommendations on a good full size lathe under $1k?

    I've had the 1624 for about four yrs now and its been a great lathe overall,its not a oneway or PM,but then it doesn't cost over 3000,00 bucks
  6. boxxmaker

    Pistashio Bowl

    WOW that is beautifull,well done
  7. boxxmaker

    A few turnings you may not have seen

    You ever gonna stop showin off Earl??? AWESOME work as usuall :gar-Bi
  8. boxxmaker

    Completed this jewelry box yesterday

    WOW,that is just awesome
  9. boxxmaker

    Looking for Canary wood

    Thanks for the replys,I seemed to have found a supplier near asheville,and we go there quite often,so it looks like another trip is in order.
  10. boxxmaker

    Looking for Canary wood

    HELP, does anybody know where I can get some Canary wood.any help is appreciated
  11. boxxmaker

    First large vase using the Kobra system

    Again,very nice work, Jack
  12. boxxmaker

    A few of my latest off the lathe

    Very nice,as usuall.
  13. boxxmaker

    HF DC WOrth Question

    I've had mine for about a yr now,pd a total of 189.00 for it which included a 3 yr warranty,so far so good,although I plan to get the whyn cartridge filter for it. Question, how does that thein baffle work,did you make your own or by one.
  14. boxxmaker

    Finished a pen tonight

    Hey,just because folks don't leave a bunch of responses doesn't mean they don't like your work,I'm guilty of that myself,but it is a beautifull pen.
  15. boxxmaker

    Need some NIP

    Yeah,we got one of those in FL,I figure bout time I hit 90 it will be big enough to make a nice thimble:gar-La;
  16. boxxmaker

    Need some NIP

    I want to turn bowls and possably some vases,but I do have one person in mind that I want to make a bowl for.There was a fellow in FL ( never met him) but kept telling me he had a bunch of it,last yr,but he just disappered and never got back with me on it. Ken
  17. boxxmaker

    Need some NIP

    Hi folks,Anybody know where I can get some nice NIP don't care how I get it,beg borrow,steal buy,trade, hee hee seriously folks If anybody knows where I can get some,please let me know. Thanks Ken :gar-Bi
  18. boxxmaker

    --Yale Post office box doors

    PM sent ole bud
  19. boxxmaker

    Anyone 'made' Cole jaws and happy with them?

    I made a set about two yrs ago and use it quite a bit,cost me about 20.00 to make it compaired to well over a 100.00 to buy it.and mine will hold anything from around 6" to 14" it takes a few min to mount pieces on it,but well worth it IMHO BTW it took me about two hrs to make.
  20. boxxmaker

    Great Stuff Tip

    You have NO idea how many cans I have thrown away because of that.just goes to show you ain't never to old ta learn,many thanks. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

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