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    Mini Gyro Air

    Very interesting design. Due to practically every dust collector of any size being out of stock, I ordered a shop fox w1865 from amazon. It's an open box model so i got a good price but is essentially the harbor freight unit with the rikon impeller already installed, and with a better (but...
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    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    That appears to be a contender. They even advertise it as doing what I want. I will keep it in mind. Thank you for the recommendations.
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    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    Good points. I am still awaiting delivery of the saw, but I'll try and reevaluate with some larger wheels when I get it. I considered building a platform that could integrate some harbor freight special wheels and be tilted and pushed with a dolly, but I'm not sure how nice that will play with...
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    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    That's a possibility, I was just concerned about making the "hop" onto a sheet of plywood or similar. I've read some people voice concerns that the sawstop bases cannot easily clear some thresholds or relief grooves in concrete shop floors. On the other hand, at the current rate of things, a...
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    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    Hello, I recently purchased a sawstop PCS with the 52" table. I generally keep my larger tools in my shop, but move them into my garage for actual use due to having a lot of reloading equipment in the shop that doesnt play nice with dust. This requires moving over about 10 feet of fairly...

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