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    Epoxy metered pumps

    I use the little clear plastic cups. You can set them side by side and fill to equal levels.
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    World Timber Corp in Hubert?

    I doubt it, but they have tons of imported woods, and they are a pleasure to work with…
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    What Wood is This

    Definitely sapele. One of the easiest woods to work with. Creates a lot of fine dust when sawing, so wear a mask. Relatively hard wood, but not so hard as to dull tools easily. Finishes nicely too, and doesn’t require a stain - the natural color of the wood is pleasing and uniform.
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    Help - my finish won't dry - UPDATE

    Shellac is a great sealer.
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    Wanted to buy - Ebony

    African ebony (black). Any sizes, any quantity - big boards or scrap pieces. Please PM me if you have some for sale.
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    Help - my finish won't dry - UPDATE

    Pau Ferro is in the rosewood family. Most rosewoods are very oily, and an oil finish usually won’t dry properly when applied to a raw oily wood. It should probably be sealed with shellac, or wiped down with acetone first. I would recommend, you strip the tacky finish and start over.
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    Digital calipers that are not crap?

    I use mine for making inlays like this:
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    Digital calipers that are not crap?

    What is a “veneer” caliper, Mike?
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    Digital calipers that are not crap?

    I have had the same issues with the digital ones, so I switched to the dial calipers They seem to work much better and no batteries.
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    walnut color

    Contrary to other woods, walnut does not darken over time - it lightens, especially if exposed to sunlight. it can turn almost blond, and look like butternut if kept in direct sunlight.
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    wood cost

    One has to take out a 30 year mortgage on a new deck!
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    Cloudy Finish over Inlay

    I am not sure about the Bullseye shellac. The “blonde shellac” I am referring to is shellac flakes mixed with DNA. Mixing the flakes in a small quantity ( I usually do about 4 ounces at a time) Is the way I like to go, but I guess the Bullseye would work. Point is: the shellac is a sealer as...
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    Jewelry Box WIP

    Dam good joinery... Thumbs up on using veneered plywood. Lots of craftsmen turn their nose up at plywood, but it’s stable and doesn’t move, cup or warp like solid wood.
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    Cloudy Finish over Inlay

    I do tons of inlays - it’s my business. I use them and sell them. I have found the best finish for preserving the color is blonde shellac. iIf you need to put another finish over the shellac, it will be fine. Just about anything will go over shellac.
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    Picking A New Riding Mower

    Good responses. I am interested also. I have one of the common home improvement store John Deere 22 hp about 10 years old and it’s a piece of junk. It would never start easily when cold until I rigged up a gasoline priming jig. The seat has just about fallen apart; the genuine plastic seat...
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    Veneering ?s from a hobbyist

    I have done a lot of veneering using just titebond original or TB-2, and use LOTS of clamps. Veneer is nothing but thin wood so treat it that way. contact cement does not hold up over time for me. One big problem you may run into is “telegraphing.” This is any irregularities in the substrate...
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    Black Walnut Slabs

    Where in PA?
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    Forest Woodworker ll

    Thanks for sharing, Mike. It’s hard to look at that - just gives me the chills... But, it’s a good lesson for all of us. Best wishes for fast healing. Take care buddy...
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    hinge into end grain

    This is a good solution, I have not heard of before. Good tip. I have had this same problem and I drilled a small hole (about 3/8” is about right) where the screws will go, and glue in a cross grain plug. This will hold the screws securely.
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    New Dining Room Table

    Use your domino to make the chair joints. I have made numerous chairs with domino joints and they are very strong. Saves mucho time.

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