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  1. pcooper

    Bandsaw blade choice for the Rikon 10-326

    I have the same saw you describe and use the wood slicer resaw blade from highland hardware. ( It is a 3/4" blade and my saw runs it really well. I did upgrade the guides to the roller ones, (yours already has them if it s a blue saw). I haven't run into tension...
  2. pcooper

    Dado vs router

    I have both the dado stack and router table, and I like the router better for the finish I get. I don't get a clean cutout with my dado stack because of the arbor on my saw, otherwise I'd be using the dado much more often.
  3. pcooper

    Cleaning house, housekeeping and rearranging!

    From what I read it has to do with wall thickness. The farther down the alphabet the thinner the walls are. K is thicker than L, L is thicker than M. I figure common water pipe to be L as the use description I found said internal plumbing and some HVAC work.
  4. pcooper

    Cleaning house, housekeeping and rearranging!

    My short search online revealed that copper is the most preferred for compressed air, withstands moisture without corrosion best, able to handle heat, and a few other things, but they did say use type L which has a rating of 440 lb. If soldered it doesn't reduce the pressure rating, if brazed it...
  5. pcooper

    1st box

    Experience can be an expensive teacher, sawman101 is an excellent teacher and you'd do well to watch him work sometime. He has scroll saw skills that are simply amazing!!
  6. pcooper

    Help - my finish won't dry - UPDATE

    I've heard the shellac answer several times, I've not tried it yet but figure it won't be long before I have a project that needs it. I'd like to see how it works vs some of the other things I've used.
  7. pcooper

    Help - my finish won't dry - UPDATE

    Not sure if this fits your issue, but sanding sealer is usually required before other finishes will dry on exotic woods. This finish you describe sounds like a sealer by name, but is it really? I did polyurethane on some Jatoba and it wouldn't dry either, just the same result as your issue...
  8. pcooper

    Happy Birthday Danmart77

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. pcooper

    Happy Birthday Graywolf

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. pcooper

    Happy Birthday pcooper

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, great group of folks and I enjoy knowing each and every one of you. You are a blessing to me!!! Thanks!!
  11. pcooper

    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    Maybe you don't wear a chain out as bad as some of us do... There are a few I've sharpened in years gone by that no file would work on, but if you're routinely sharpening like you should, a file is faster.
  12. pcooper

    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    I've seen one of those being used, and yes, it's a decent tool, one of the few H-F winners.
  13. pcooper

    Helical Cutter Head

    I think you'll be impressed with the overall cut quality and durability of the new cutters. I don't really consider this kind of upgrade a dollars for the machine vs the dollars for the cutter head a real comparison, you're making the machine much better than it was, and worth more, at least to...
  14. pcooper

    Bessey pipe clamps

    I use the pipe clamps a ton, and always use cauls to keep boards flat, but I also had to learn how much pressure is required, and it is very easy to have too much. They are so easy to turn that overtightening is most folks problem when it comes to panels and bowing. Mine also 'move on the one...
  15. pcooper

    Circuit Board Repair

    I remember as a kid having an electronics store (Not Radio Shack) in town that had everything for nearly every board made. If you were good with diag and a soldering iron, you could fix most board failures. They don't want us doing that now, and that store has gone by the wayside and is now...
  16. pcooper

    To buy or not to buy...

    I think it all depends on what you're looking to do with it, but if re-sawing is in your mind, I'd advise to get better than this one and more than 1 hp. There are deals out there if you're willing to wait for them to come to you, if you try to force a deal to be good, you're more than likely...
  17. pcooper

    Helical Cutter Head

    I put the shelix cutter in my 735 planer, and liked it so much that I put one in my old Delta jointer. The head cost as much as the jointer did when I bought it, but what about a jointer goes bad if you take care of it? I have a "new machine" that cuts far better than it ever did from the...
  18. pcooper

    Free WWing 'library', Time-Life series (EDIT - Claimed)

    I have that series, good stuff for anyone wanting to learn. A beginner would really benefit from these.
  19. pcooper

    Optimum height of lathe?

    I used my lathe for several weeks before I realized that it just wasn't comfortable, so I raised it using some 2 x 6 x 6 squares, one under each leg of the lathe, and that helped. So I did another set of them and now it feels right, so I ended up raising mine 3 inches (as a 2 by is actually 1...
  20. pcooper

    Happy Birthday sawman101

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day my friend!!!

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