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    what's the most stable wood you've worked with?

    Maybe it's me - but there seems to be several problems.... One is warping and twisting from bad wood selection, bad milling, and bad drying... And any wood seems susceptible to this. The other is the natural movement of otherwise good wood.... Some of that can be minimized by wood cutting and...
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    WTB 10/4 or 12/4 walnut for curved chair legs

    I know Th' Lumberyard in Mauldin, SC has some - as I bought my piece of it there.... I think mine is actually 16+/4... As a few here have mentioned.. It's heavy stuff. Mine is KD, though - not AD..... You will have a much easier time if you search for "Walnut fireplace mantles" as that's what...
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    Your Ruminations On Laminations

    In general - a well done lamination is going to be stronger than the same part made of a single piece of wood.... Sounds counter-intuitive, but the sailboat guys figured it out several years ago... The next thing is that from a beam strength perspective - a 25% increase in beam height = 2x...
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    ID the wood in this stock?

    Most likely walnut... If you pull the butt cap off or pull the receiver out of the action - you may be able to tell if it's dyed/stained lighter wood or if it's walnut.... Thanks
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    Sam Maloof Rocker

    Well - the splats are flexible, and curved, and the line of holes that on the seat and head rest are both curved... I would try just drilling the holes to plan and see how everything lines up.... If it is correctly drawn - it should all line up. Thanks
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    Need to mill some Walnut in upstate SC

    Hey guys, I happened into some Walnut that I couldn't refuse.... I now have 4 nice size chunks of Walnut sitting in the back yard (And some nice tire tracks showing how they got there...) These are from a yard tree.... They have been on the ground at their previous location for around...
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    Recommendations for a comfortable rocking chair

    Hey guys, Need some recommendations - I want to build a nice rocking chair... The wife needs something nice to rock the babies in.... Unfortunately, the "Boughten" sorts are either permanently upholstered (AKA Spitup catcher) or Horribly uncomfortable... or crazy expensive. What's your...
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    walnut outdoors

    Yeah... While Walnut allegedly works well outdoors... the beauty fades fast.... I think Locust, Cedar, Cypress, and others would be great choices too.... Oaks also can do well outdoors... They don't rot much... but they do move a whole lot with the moisture changes... Finishes tend to flake...
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    Eliminating mildew in old heart pine

    Kiln treating the wood again is probably a good idea to kill the mold/mildew.... Next thing I would do is to use a Planer to resurface the wood.... This way, the top layer of wood is physically cut off with a blade... I would not use a sander - as a sander can grind up the wood on the surface...
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    What Tree Is This?

    Sweet find... Frequently, the wild ones aren't all that spectacular of an eating treat... Sometimes, they have a funny aftertaste too... It is certainly worth a taste, though.... (Think about how some wild blackberries taste like Kerosene... where others are heavenly...) If you do decide you...
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    Red and white oak rootballs???

    I will put in another vote for what the others here have mentioned... It's not the likelihood of hitting Metal that will be the problem -- It is the abrasive nature of rocks and sand embedded in the root ball... Think of what cutting roots does to a good saw chain -- it dulls the heck out of...
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    Working with mahagony

    Yep... That is a sure sign of a bunch of runout in Mahogany.... If the grain is really ropey -- it can do that too.... because the contrasting ropey stripes are actually grain running in opposite directions. 1st -- I would do as Fred suggests.. Turn it around and take a lighter cut... Make sure...
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    Any Sawyers for a yard tree?

    What would he get if you had lost the bet? A new house? :rotflm: Thanks John
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    Is there a way to make glue adhere to wood with closed pores? (Guitar repair question

    Re: Is there a way to make glue adhere to wood with closed pores? (Guitar repair ques In this case a pic would be worthwhile... From your description, it sounds like you are saying that the neck is separating from the body at the heel... but your description could also mean that the headstock...
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    Any Sawyers for a yard tree?

    Yep... Pay the extra $$$ for a professional service who is fully insured, licensed, bonded, etc..... They can bring their bucket trucks and cranes out to take the tree down 1 piece at a time.... I would certainly not hire the fellow down the street on the cheap, and then have him drop said...
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    Looking for a good spruce log

    I checked in the phonebook -- Couldn't find any "Arborists" in Westminister. Maybe I need to go on over to Blue Ridge's office and ask who they are using... Thanks John
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    Prep for African Blackwood for turning?

    X2: If it's covered with Wax... You can pretty well bet it is Green/Wet! I got a nice chunk of Burmese Blackwood for Guitar bits and pieces from Woodcraft... Much the same story -- covered with Wax, etc... Cut off a slice.. Planed off the sawmarks... Wow, this stuff is quite ill-behaved...
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    Looking for a good spruce log

    Hey all, I am hoping someone here can point me towards someone that may get the occasional Spruce log in South Carolina or WNC. I am Looking for something good quality, straight/no twist and few knots (I need at least 25" edge to edge between knots).... I would like bigger diameter (24"+...
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    Stinky SPF 2x4

    Not pressure treated.... I don't usually have any trouble telling the difference between PT and untreated SPF 2x4's...:eusa_danc This is also Kiln Dried... (Marked as such..) so I wouldn't expect it to be green... and usually green wood is pretty soft stuff... this is quite hard, kinda like...
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    Stinky SPF 2x4

    Hey guys, Got a strange question... Hoping for some identification help. I found a scrapped piece of an SPF 2x4 that I was going to use for a project... Looked a whole lot like Spruce or Fir -- Med rays not particularly prominent, even on split out stock.... Wood color.. Looks like light...

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