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  1. LastChanceWoodshop

    Free Leftover Dust Collector Parts

    Hello All, I've got these bits leftover from what I believe to be an early 90s Taiwan-made dust collector: The inlet on the separator is 5". Comes with both bags. The triple wye fits a 6" dust collector port. Come get these before I have to chuck them into the abyss. JD
  2. LastChanceWoodshop

    WTB: MAG 77 Skilsaw

    My Porter Cable sidewinder circular saw took a leap off the workbench and the base is tweaked to un-usability. So, I'm looking at an upgrade. Anyone have a magnesium worm drive Skilsaw collecting dust in their shop?
  3. LastChanceWoodshop

    Source for 20' 2x8s ?

    I'm building a faux stained beam for my living room with a span of 16' 4". I'd like to keep it to one piece if possible. Anyone know of a source? Does Canfor sell small quantities?
  4. LastChanceWoodshop

    Sold - 2X 8" Craftsman (King Seeley) saw project needs a new home

    The time has come to pass this project on to someone who will finish it (or needs parts). Included are two saws, one dual shaft motor 3/4 HP 3450 RPM motor, 4 "waffle-style" cast iron wings, 2 fences, and 2 miter gauges, and 4 metal legs. Asking $100 for the lot, pickup in Graham NC. Jason
  5. LastChanceWoodshop

    Process steps to keep holes true?

    Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas! I tapped my mediocre turning skills to make a whistle for my daughter. She loved it, bit it took a couple of tries to get a concentric hole down the axis of the whistle. I'm using a Craftsman lathe with a Nova chuck and drilling with the tailstock. I...
  6. LastChanceWoodshop

    Scandinavian workbench

    Not my ad, but this is located in Garner for $200.
  7. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    With the temperatures dropping in the last several weeks I was reminded of the promise I made to myself to insulate my garage door before it got cold again this year, both for my own comfort and also my kerosene consumption. My doors have a "C" shaped cross section that is a little under 1...
  8. LastChanceWoodshop

    Eclipse Honing Guide - Angle Calculator

    Good Morning All, I thought I'd share a little tool I use to set my Eclipse-style honing guide. Its a little spreadsheet that allows you to set your sharpening angle by measuring the overhang with your digital calipers. This...
  9. LastChanceWoodshop

    Roughing out blanks

    For those that are more experienced turners (which is likely all of you) what sort of process do you use to get your stock to rough shape? I have been working with what could most kindly be called firewood; My process is very slow. So far I've used a hatchet for rough trimming and then tried to...
  10. LastChanceWoodshop

    First Turning Project

    I've been carrying around the pieces for my wood lathe for the last 4 years but have never gotten it running due several out of state moves. With my finally assembled lathe and some awesome tools from John at, this handle for my rougher is the first thing off the machine...
  11. LastChanceWoodshop

    Dust Collection on Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    This is probably obvious to many but was a perplexing problem for me. Until now, I could not find a good solution to adapt the hose of my Rigid Vac to the dust collection port of my miter saw. I found that a 2 inch to 1.5 inch rubber pipe coupling...
  12. LastChanceWoodshop

    LED Shop Lights - Costco Holiday Sale

    If anyone is looking for an excuse to change out their shop lighting this winter, Costco is running a sale on their 4' LED shop lights. I put 6 in my 20x20 garage with 10' ceilings and it has made a huge difference in my ability to see and thus my mood. JD
  13. LastChanceWoodshop

    Afternoon All!

    Afternoon Everyone! I am recently moved to the area (Graham) and looking to get involved in the community. I look forward to being part of the forum and getting involved locally. Jason

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