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  1. CarvedTones

    craft table project I am starting - HELP!

    So it started with my wife seeing this: and I said "Sure, I could do that" and I ordered the bookshelves from Ikea and picked up a melamine top from Phil and I think I am practically in the home stretch. Well, not exactly... Turns out that I don't know white from very light gray and it...
  2. CarvedTones

    Joining plywood end to end

    Thinking ahead. It will be early July when I do this. Making a 13' stitch and glue kayak. The scarf joint has fallen out of favor. Finger joints or other interlocking joins seem to do better in thin (4mm is what I will be using) ply. I will epoxy and glass tape it. How do you make a box join for...
  3. CarvedTones

    my wife's new toy

    So my wife wanted the new Cricut Explorer for scrapbooking. It is a fancy paper cutter, but unlike the previous versions, it will output from standard SVG files and cut some fairly thick material. Like veneer: I found the pattern here...
  4. CarvedTones

    local source for 4mm marine ply?

    I am looking at this for reference (and may be what I purchase): So 4 sheets (what I need) is ~ $150 + $129 delivered to a business address; another $40 to a residence. I am not in a huge hurry; this is "in the coming months". The wood has...
  5. CarvedTones

    NCWW 2014 Calendar available for download

    Congratulations to our winners! :eusa_danc:icon_cheers:eusa_clap We have the calendar in 2 resolutions; the smaller one is suitable for viewing and printing at medium resolution and the larger one is high res for highest quality printing. Please note the file sizes; it will take some time to...
  6. CarvedTones

    The calendar contest has prizes!

    The contest was announced a while back: The short story is that you take a good picture (fairly high res) of a project and upload it, choosing the category as "2014 Calendar Contest" and the sub category for the type of work...
  7. CarvedTones

    Anyone want to go to Extravaganza (Hickory) from Raleigh area for Saturday 10/17?

    I am planning to make a long day of it, leaving early AM and then coming back Saturday late afternoon. Show hours are 9-4 and it's about 2.5 hours away, so I am thinking about leaving ~6AM and getting back ~7PM. I am planning to drive and as it stands right I am making the trip just by my...
  8. CarvedTones

    NCWW 2014 Calendar Contest

    It's time again to start the Calendar Contest for our 2014 Calendar. This year we are giving Gift Certificates as prizes. Due to poor sales in the past, this year we will not be printing the calendars but instead providing a PDF file which is print ready so that you may view or print it...
  9. CarvedTones

    Cutting plexiglass to a pattern

    I have a pattern on plexiglass. It is straight lines, but there are V shapes so I don't know if scoring and snapping would work. I tried scroll saw and jig saw on part of the waste to test and it melts it enough that the scroll kerf is welded back completely and while the jig saw cut could be...
  10. CarvedTones

    need a small piece of thin smoke plexi

    It's to make glasses for one of my kids doing cosplay. Something like this: Anyway, I need a piece of 3/16" tick smoked plexi about 10" x 4".
  11. CarvedTones

    Need volunteer work for teens around Raleigh in the next week

    My oldest is in a media students organization, Skills USA, that is having a competition where they have to produce a short video about volunteering and they have to participate. They had something lined up that fell through and are now desperately seeking an alternative. They are avoiding park...
  12. CarvedTones

    planning to make a portable light box for animation drawing

    Here is a plan of sorts and a few pictures of what I am talking about: I could probably build from the "plan" (lacks some detail) but I am open to suggestions. I don't want to spend too much but it needs to hold up for a while and will probably get transported back and forth to a dorm room in...
  13. CarvedTones

    Head count for Triangle lunch Thurs 11/15

    If you are coming, answer the poll
  14. CarvedTones

    Should we teach use of the hold down on scrollsaw?

    I never use it and I know many others rarely if ever do. Should we teach scrolling with its use?
  15. CarvedTones

    (added Rockler's shameful response) VS control on lathe acting up

    I have had this lathe about 4 years now: I have been pretty happy with it, but recently the VS control is having troubles. Sometimes when turning it off and back on shortly afterward it doesn't work. Sometimes it takes longer than...
  16. CarvedTones

    My displays for show - today 9/30 in Carrboro

    I need to turn those blanks on the right into flutes/fifes and I have a few more in progress that will be ready. I will have a table and hope to be under cover (they have some covered on a first come basis and I plan to be there early). I have my business cards and receipt book (cash and check...
  17. CarvedTones

    Aligning, gluing and sanding cut out letters

    So I had this great idea - use the same lettering as my wife used on my pouches: and make a sign. I had a thin walnut board to cut letters out of and a cherry short I could work a backing board out of. So I blew the letters up larger, taped them on the walnut and went after it. I didn't...
  18. CarvedTones

    Whistle/flute pouches

    My wife is getting in the act and helping by making these:
  19. CarvedTones

    Editing signature

    I was going to edit my signature but every time I preview it jams everything together on one line.
  20. CarvedTones

    What the heck is a chalumeau?

    It's the predecessor to the modern clarinet. The original ones were usually made of cane or corn stalk and did not survive so they are mostly constructed based on iconography and written descriptions. I made a couple: The top one is more historically correct, with a wooden mouthpiece and thread...

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