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  1. Pop Golden

    Box at door

    On the bankrupt subject. People look at my equipment in the shop. I haven't done an inventory in a few years, but a estimated machinery value would be around $70,00 to $80,000. I am quick to tell newbie woodworkers I didn't buy the stuff in a day. It was bought, traded etc. over many years maybe...
  2. Pop Golden

    Router lift JessEm - $100 (Williamsburg)

    I have one of theses and have used it over several years. Great system. Love it. Pop
  3. Pop Golden

    Possible Workshop layout - Your thoughts & input

    Hi Rory, A few years ago I put together a PowerPoint presentation for the Charlotte Woodworkers Club. A few basic points: 1, The best wat to lay out a shop is to draw your proposed floor plan, then with stiff paper like a file folder draw your machines, work bench etc. I would draw it up at...
  4. Pop Golden

    Not certain what this is

    Hank, looking at these tools it looks like they road hard and put up wet. LOL Pop :D
  5. Pop Golden

    Come use my Atlas metal lathe, Efland NC

    I don't know how to use it, but it's a beautiful machine. I don't know, but it looks like the old Craftsman lathe from years ago. Pop
  6. Pop Golden

    Recommendations for decent screws

    I have 2 drivers. One is a Bosch 12 volt, and the other is a Rockwell 20 volt. I've had the Rockwell tear the head off a 3/8 in. lag screw. In oak no pre drilling. My fault, but the Rockwell is sometimes too powerful. I use square drive for most of my joints. Never stripped a square drive, and...
  7. Pop Golden

    Construction lumber prices

    Hi woodworker200, Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I bought a 2X4 at Lowes. After dealer prep & options I dropped $7.00. Thank God I only needed one. This really is high-way robbery. Pop :eek:
  8. Pop Golden

    Is this normal?

    I generally do ok with Woodcraft. When Klingspore closed the Charlotte store that left only Woodcraft. That store is across town. (I live in South End) Which means 45 minutes on Independence Blvd. For those of you who have not had enjoyment of traveling on Independence let me just say IT'S PURE...
  9. Pop Golden

    Dado vs router

    Crying tears. I had no longer bought my dado set than the Dial-A-Width came out. DANG! DANG! DANG! Pop
  10. Pop Golden

    A clamp to watch for

    On the subject of HF clamps. I have several of their screw clamps. I use them for stops, handling small stuff on the drill press & router table. They work very well and cost around 1/2 what the woodworking stores get. I can find no difference. The screws are stout & the wood is good. Give 'em a...
  11. Pop Golden

    Construction lumber prices

    2 items: 1 my next door neighbor is a rep for construction suppliers. He told me not to expect price drops for at least 2 years. 2 Just watched a YouTube short on who's getting rich on this price increase. The land owners, timber cutters, truck drivers, aren't seeing a pay...
  12. Pop Golden


    You folks keep talking about resawing with a bandsaw. If you REALLY into resawing here's the ticket. Hatchi CB-75F. 14.5 resaw, 2.8 hp with gear box, weight 403 lbs. 2.75 in. blade. This beast runs on 115 VAC. The only 3 I can come up with that's for sale are in Japan. In Japan the price is...
  13. Pop Golden

    Lumber prices

    The whole thing fries my shorts. Tariffs on Canadian timber. Species based certified lumber. I saw a photo several years ago with Brazilin mahogany logs floating in the Amazon. These laws are stupid. These guys aren't cutting these trees for timber they are clearing land for their use. I know...
  14. Pop Golden

    Cabinet Hinge question

    For what it's worth. Not the solation to your problem, I solved my hinge problems by using piano hinges. They always line up and make what was a difficult job very easy. Just my 2¢ worth. Pop
  15. Pop Golden


    My go-to saw is an old Delta made in the US. Bought it used. Has Carter guides, tires, brush & tension release. Delta riser block, fence & Mobil base. It's well made. From back when Delta made good stuff. If you can find one of these machines buy it. I paid $600 for mine. Pop
  16. Pop Golden

    New in Charlotte

    What Hmerkle said +++ What part of Charlotte are you in? I'm near South End. Bill Golden 704-519-6826 Pop
  17. Pop Golden

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    I use WT Tool for an everyday combo square. My shop standard is one of 2. I have a very old brass 30/60. It's solid and 1/8 in. thick. My other is a small Japanese 45/90 that Woodcraft sells. Very accurate. Pop
  18. Pop Golden

    Lumber prices

    As an afterthought, I would love to see the look on my face when I saw my $1.50 2X4s at Lowes with a price tag of $6.50 each. Pop :eek:
  19. Pop Golden

    Hobbyist in Efland, NC

    WELCOME ! The silk frame is very nice. Very Japanese in style. The wagon wheel is specular. Pop
  20. Pop Golden

    Nova galaxy dvr

    I just bought the Galaxy's little brother the Saturn DVR. I got all bogged down building drawers that fit inside the base frame. That with a bad case of sciatica put a crimp in my shop work I'm back at it now, but still haven't put my lathe through it paces. The Saturn is one fine lathe. I would...

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