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  1. redknife

    Shower pan choice

    Most of my experience is with Schluter. As to your questions, I think getting preformed corners is beneficial to avoid corner buildup when compared to folding Kerdi. It is more expensive to buy preformed corners. In general, following manufacturer’s instructions and those of the TCNA handbook...
  2. redknife

    1st box

    Cool way to merge the intarsia and box building. Nice Work, Jerry.
  3. redknife

    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    I agree with all of the above. I did discover this Grizzly “all terrain” base (4” casters, 1500 lb weight limit): 4x4 All-Terrain Mobile Base at I have no experience with this base, however. I think questioning the basic plan of placement and transport across rough terrain is the...
  4. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    Thanks. Yeah, I’m curious as well. Feels quite solid but we’ll see...
  5. redknife

    Incra Jig Ultra

    See if this manual lines up with your Incra ultimate: Incra ultra manual
  6. redknife

    Getting Rid of Sharp Corners

    For more aggressive softening of edge, I’ll use a small block plane, stopping at a uniform stop before the joint. To just break the sharpness, I use sandpaper, again stopping short of the joint. If eyeballing the uniformity of break/no break line throughout the piece is difficult, use a pencil...
  7. redknife

    Shiplap in the shop

  8. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    Here it is installed before paint Waiting for the part time painter, full time wife to paint Surrounding walls and trim. We like it. Not always a lot of love for slabs here but it fits the house and setting. Makes for a fun surprise walking down the steps. I wanted to post detailed process...
  9. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    On the edge: Everyone in the family wanted the bark on except me, so the bark was to stay. First part of execution was to wait a couple months and assess the bark resilience over time. I neglected to ask Glenn what time of year the walnut was harvested, which would be the thing to do. By the...
  10. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    dimensioning and fitting: I modified a stair cutting jig to translate measurement of space side to side. Irregularities in drywall accounted for by modifying the rotating ends of the stair jig. i measured front to back with an overhang for the other dimension. (no pics). the slab would slide in...
  11. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    On to the router planing sled. i created the jig for the router sled based on many available basic plans. Really meant as a one off: materials for the jig: melamine board, pine runners flattened “just in time“ with jointer and table saw (moisture content too high to expect durably flat...
  12. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    Now for the flattening and sizing. I started by flattening the slab and found the opportunity to do this many times! plan A was hand planes: so the hand planes worked great, but boy that was a lot of work. I just couldn’t manage the work so on to plan B.....
  13. redknife

    Walnut slab cap on stem wall

    Just finished a gut and remodel of our basement and stairs. The last part was the top of the stem wall at the stair turn. The idea surfaced in the family for a live edge slab so I went to see Glenn at GPS Hardwood (great guy, beautiful wood both slabs and s2s). Found our perfect slab for the...
  14. redknife

    Jewelry Box WIP

    I use the online subscription, and yes I would say there a lot of useful plans and videos. I like the ability to search for information on a specific area I’m planning and get hits for articles, video series, and plans. Usually I find details and ideas I didn’t even think to consider. There is a...
  15. redknife

    Jewelry Box WIP

    Awesome Work. Shellac sounds good for interior for the reasons you stated. Lots of detailed, finicky work in your piece expertly executed. Congrats.
  16. redknife

    Powermatic PM-19T SOLD

    Powermatic floor standing Mortimer. Great shape. Always kept in conditioned space. Includes several chisel sizes, Rockler hand chisel sharpener and aftermarket mobile base.
  17. redknife

    Aftermarket TS options - recommendations welcome

    I have been using the Incra TS fence For some years. pros: once calibrated, quick highly accurate and repeatable cuts, different days or months. Very fast to get your desired exact cut without tests, bumping, etc. Once the side brackets are In the right place, it is easy to take the fence on...
  18. redknife

    Wtb Accurite

    I have an accurite log mill sled I’m willing to part with. I’m in Mocksville.
  19. redknife

    S2S with straight line rip

    It’s hard to know without seeing the pieces as you received them, moisture content, grain pattern and storage. For instance: is this an example of internal wood tension, intra-wood differential moisture content, or selection problem? It is not unusual for me to joint and plane dried wood and...
  20. redknife

    Need a shop in Yadkinville?

    Looks like it was a glass repair shop by the pics. Interesting that it is a 4 day online auction. Gonna be one of those that is decided by who can hit the last bid as time expires as opposed to who would pay the most.

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