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  1. dancam

    Interesting Desk

    See the below video detailing some incredible woodworking.
  2. dancam

    Delta Unisaw - Asheville

    Not mine...seems like a reasonable price.
  3. dancam

    Little Box

    My wife belongs to a small Mah Jongg Club and she asked me to make a small box for their upcoming meeting. They do a gift swap twice a year and she wanted something that was Mah Jong themed. I had some scraps of curly zebra wood and some purple heart. It's approximately 5" square and is lined...
  4. dancam

    Rockler Box Joint Jig

    For Sale, Rockler Box Joint Jig. Used once and no longer need it. Asking $35.00 pick up or PE. Will ship for add'l $10.00. See Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig for more detail. Dan C.
  5. dancam

    Finally--Shop Time

    It's been a long 5 months since I've been in the shop to actually make something. Last Oct my wife took a bad backward fall off a step stool and suffered a compound fracture of her calcaneus (heel bone) and also dislocated her ankle. It was the night before we were to leave on a cruise. Fast...
  6. dancam

    Lie-Nielsen Planes FOR SALE

    I have two LN planes for sale. 1. Lie-Nielsen No. 10-1/4 Bench Rabbet Plane. In excellent condition with its original packing box. The lever cap is engraved with "TFG" (Timber Framers Guild). Asking $300.00 2. Lie-Nielsen Small Chisel Plane. In very good gently used condition. Asking $90.00...
  7. dancam

    Old Delta Tools

    Not mine, just posting. Seems like a good deal for some old iron. Woodworking Equipment - tools - by owner - sale
  8. dancam

    Need NCWW Pony Express

    Hey Folks, Need some assistance with transport of a PC Dovetail jig w/case. P/U in Asheville or close by with transport to Hickory/Lincolnton area. Package weighs about 40 lbs and would fit easily in trunk or backseat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dan C.
  9. dancam

    Stanley No 12 1/2 Scraper For Sale

    Selling a Stanley No 12 1/2 Scraper/veneer plane. It is in good condition with no patent date and the only marking is No. 12 1/2 on the toe. The blade is unmarked. It has a rosewood sole plate and the Japanning is about 70-80%. Asking $60.00/OBO plus shipping (estimated to be approx. $10-12) or...
  10. dancam

    Stanley Victor No. 20 Compass - For Sale

    Selling a Stanley Victor No. 20 Compass plane. Condition is good. Japanning is about 50-60% and the sole is clean and smooth. There is no patent date. the only markings are: Stanley on the toe and VICTOR 20 on the adjustment wheel. The blade is sharpened and honed. Asking $100.00/OBO. Plus...
  11. dancam

    Xmas Gifts

    Well it's that time of year again and I got busy in the shop. We've got 14 Grand Nieces and Nephews that we gift to. In the last few years we've switched from toys and clothes to gift cards. Ten of the fourteen are all pre-college and pre-high school. So we decided it would be nice for them to...
  12. dancam

    A&C Mantle Clock

    Here's another clock I just finished. I saw a YouTube video by Steve Lindsley ( doing his version of a Stickley clock that appeared in an early edition of Stickley' "Craftsman" magazine. His version was somewhat larger than what I did. It's about 14"...
  13. dancam

    Stickley Mantle Clock

    Well I was going through my magazines and some folders with the intent to clean up and get rid of a lot of accumulated "stuff". I came across some mag articles that I marked for future use. The Stickley Mantle clock repro by Glenn Huey was in the Dec 08 copy of Pop WW'g. Here's my version of...
  14. dancam

    Bible Box

    I've attached a few pictures of a recent project. The project is a Bible Box I made for a close friend. She has a family bible that goes back 5-6 generations and it contains many cherished family records. The box is made of quilted white oak and is banded and accented with black walnut. The...
  15. dancam

    Need A Source

    A friend of mine is restoring an antique fire engine and needs to recreate a "Fireman's" pike pole”, the long pole with a spike and a hook on the end that firemen use to gain access to buildings, voids, and inaccessible areas. He has found the brass head for one, but now he needs to make the...
  16. dancam

    Need a Pen Maker

    Hey Guys, Just got back from an extended trip through Europe and had a very special visit with a friend of one of my neighbors. He went way out of his way to show us around and spent three days with us. I want to sent him a gift of a custom made pen and case but would rather get it from a...
  17. dancam

    Keepsake Box

    Below are some pics of a Keepsake Box I just finished for a close friends new granddaughter. The box is made of a curly maple carcass with qtr sawn sycamore panels for the top and bottom. The top and bottom are also banded with paduck for accent and the box is lined with Brazilian Cherry. The...
  18. dancam

    Recycle oak to gifts

    Some gifts I just made. I had some 3x3x15 laminated white oak blanks that I re-sawed and edge glued to 1/2" lumber and did the same with some purple heart flooring. Used the oak for the box sides and bottom and the purple heart for the sliding lid. Finish is 2 coats of Medium Walnut Watco...
  19. dancam

    Odie's Oil

    Has anyone used Odie's oil and if so could you post some comments. The product seems quite pricey. Thanks, Dan
  20. dancam

    DeWalt Planer - Fpr Sale AVL

    Not mine but it seems like a really good deal.

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