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  1. PeteM

    Utility Knife Blade?

    I got some of these from Woodcraft some time ago but can't find them anymore. Has anyone seen one shaped like this? Standard blade on one end chisel on the other.
  2. PeteM

    Post not showing in "new posts"

    I posted 2 items for sale and they show up in the for sale forum but did not show in the new post section. Not a big deal just wondering why,
  3. PeteM

    1" Wood Threading Kit

    Only used once, Pickup in Pittsboro. $30
  4. PeteM

    Old B&D sander Cat 88 - Free

    This has been under the stairs in my garage for years. Was going to toss it but thought I'd see if anyone wanted to play with it. Pickup in Pittsboro. No shipping
  5. PeteM

    Transformer to do Lichtenberg burning - Free

    I was going to try this but doesn't look like that's going to happen so if anyone wants to play here's an xformer for ya. Pickup in Pittsboro. No shipping.
  6. PeteM

    Anarchist's Workbench

    Christopher Schwarz has his new book available. AND . . . he's made the entire book downloadable in pdf format for free. No Strings, No DRM. Just a great free book! The printed version is a very reasonable $27.
  7. PeteM

    Set of 6 Millers Falls Carving Chisels / Gouges

    What the title says. $30 for all 6.
  8. PeteM

    Lynx Brand Gents Saw

    Like new condition. Got it as a gift and only used it once or twice. The discoloration in the photos is from the lighting. It's really clean. Blade is 8" Very fine teeth. 13" overall length. $15 pick up in Pittsboro. You can get a new one for $28 on Amazon so it's not really worth shipping.
  9. PeteM

    Transparent Wood - Seriously
  10. PeteM

    Tall Stand-up Workbench $250

    I built this some years ago as a stand-up bench for my relief carving. It is 38" tall. The top is 39" x 24" x 2.5". Very solid and stable clear SYP construction. The top is two sections with a removable insert allowing center clamping. The left side and front are flush with the legs and there...
  11. PeteM

    Finish for kitchen counter

    My son-in-law just installed a maple kitchen counter and asked me about a finish. He was thinking about just using mineral oil. I told him that I use a homebrew mix of oil, beeswax and terp. on my cutting boards but I'm not sure that would be strong enough for a countertop. What do you guys use?
  12. PeteM

    Bulk down load of media?

    Is there a way to download all my media in one shot? I have 14 pages of images and would like to download them all to my computer.
  13. PeteM

    Dewalt 788 Scroll Saw w/Easylift

    Selling my trusty old scroll saw. The saw still works great but my eyes don't. It's hard to follow a pattern when you can't see the blade. $500 for the saw, the stand, the Easylift, and a bunch of blades. Here are links to the saw and the lift...
  14. PeteM


    Bubinga - 21.5 x 8.75 x 2 = 2.6bf $40.00 = $15.36/bf Pick up in Pittsboro. It weighs 11 pounds so shipping would be pretty expensive.
  15. PeteM

    Misc Hinges and handles - Free*

    *Free if picked up in Pittsboro. $20 if you want them shipped.
  16. PeteM

    Hand plane tote and knob - Free = SOLD

    *Free if picked up in Pittsboro. $15 if you want me to ship them.
  17. PeteM

    3 old all wood hand screw clamps

    These belonged to my wife's grandfather. They do work well or they can be shop art. They work a little differently than the modern ones. The rear threaded rod doesn't screw into the top arm. You set the front to size and the rear one just pushed against the top arm pinching the workpiece. Asking...
  18. PeteM

    I need a new ROS

    My trusty old Dewalt died this week so I'm looking for a replacement. My first choice was the Dewalt DWE6421K for $60 but neither Lowes nor Home Depot have one available. Ace hardware has one for $59.99 with $44.75 shipping. Takes something special to charge that for shipping! So, I thought...
  19. PeteM

    Flexcut Carving Set - Plus

    Starting with the Flexcut Starter Set. I made handles, a tool rack, and added 4 more blades. The basic set is $180 at Klingspors. See it here for contents: $150 firm.
  20. PeteM

    3 very old wooden handscrew clamps

    These belonged to my wife's grandfather so you know they're really old! They are 12", 10", and 7". $50 for all 3. Pickup in Pittsboro.

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