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  1. Volksdad

    Ridgid R4512 Riving knife/splitter question

    I have an ridgid r4512 and was reading the manual online. It says to unlock the riving knife (raised) so that it is flexible... it would deflect back and forth. When it’s is set as a splitter (lowered) you lock the splitter in line with the blade. This doesn’t sound right. It’s sounds like I am...
  2. Volksdad

    Ridgid 4512 fence upgrade

    Last year I started a slush fund for my sawstop. Kids needed some extra dental work, and now I’m at least another year away. I hate the fence most on my 4512. It rarely tightens square, and I’ve spent hours trying to adjust it. What aftermarket fences can you recommend Or suggest looking at for...
  3. Volksdad

    Lazy Susan cherry and walnut

    I’m done sanding my anniversary gift to my wife. It’s lazy Susan for us to set hot pans on at dinner. (We serve from the pan). I’m thinking tung oil (100%- not a mixed finish). Any thoughts or advice for something that will be ready by Tuesday and will hold up to hot pans? Bevel is on the...
  4. Volksdad

    3/4” or 1” bench dogs holes?

    I am finishing up a new workbench made from 3 layers of 1” MDF. Does anyone have a suggestion on what width bench dog holes I should use?
  5. Volksdad

    Need ideas on laying out a garage shop.

    I have finally enclosed my 10'x12' shed, so i am moving all the things in my garage out to store in the shed. I am looking for ideas on laying out a Garage shop, and thought some of you might be able to point me to some helpful articles or websites on the internet. If you know of any...
  6. Volksdad

    NC Woodworker in New Zealand....

    Saw this while browsing the web this morning. Thought you guys might find it interesting. Joe Harmon was a grad student at NC State when he built his concept. He...
  7. Volksdad

    Lincoln logs I saw this tutorial, and got to thinking... I believe I want to try this. Has anyone else tried it? Any tips on how to actually do it?
  8. Volksdad

    Larger turnings

    This guy does large scale. I really large.
  9. Volksdad

    Wood tube questions

    I'm working on a case to carry the rod that my late brother gave to me just before he passed. It's a freshwater bait casting rod, about eight foot long that breaks into two sections. I'd like to make it out of wood covered with tooled leather. Does anyone have nay experience with making...
  10. Volksdad

    Walking stick pics

    Here's the walking stick that I have been working on. I finally finished the details and painted it. I usually just carve whatever I feel like out of my head, once in a while I look at photos ( as in the turtle head).
  11. Volksdad

    Lost My Brother

    On July 3rd my older brother Henry had an aneurism. On the 11th he passed. I don't know of anyone more full of life, love and plain good fun than Henry. He taught me to love fishing and bought me my first tackle box and rod- which I still have, I mean Henry gave it to me, how could i ever...
  12. Volksdad

    North Carolina's youngest woodworker

    He was born at 3:15 this afternoon. I'm already making shop space for him...
  13. Volksdad

    Upgraded my table saw...Man what a difference!

    I came across a good deal for a hybrid saw, and couldn't pass it up. I put my DW 745 up for sale on Craigslist and got $175 for it in a matter of hours. The ridgid R4512 was $306 after taxes and was delivered assembled to my house from Burlington in the rain and across my muddy lawn into the...
  14. Volksdad

    Greetings from Raleigh

    Hi everyone! I'm a hobbyist who's setting up a small shed shop to get back into woodworking. I like to build things that have a purpose, though i occasionally build things in wood "just because". I am currently working a bandsaw (thread under power tools forum) and i'm gonna get to my jointer...
  15. Volksdad

    Setting up and tuning a ridgid 14" bandsaw

    I bought my saw in early 2006 on a closeout, and moved to NC and packed it in a shed. Earlier this month I started setting up my TINY shop, and it was time to set up the bandsaw. After my initial assessment, I finished putting it all together per the manual, and found the yellow safety key...

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