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  1. Volksdad

    Hand plane tote and knob - Free = SOLD

    Pete: still have these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Volksdad

    BAD advice

    One of my son’s favorite YouTube channels is a dad who plays with legos with his son. I usually don’t monitor the show and let him watch it for his 30 minutes of daily tv ..... Until I saw that idiot hand his 10 year old son a cordless recip saw in the woods to go chop branches. No instructions...
  3. Volksdad

    The only thing worse than a table saw accident...

    My table saw does terrify me, in a good way I think. I read all the safety stuff people post and think about how I’m interacting with my equipment. I believe that this has helped me avoid some accidents and I wanted to thank everyone for posting their experience. Shop safety - unsexy as it is-...
  4. Volksdad

    The only thing worse than a table saw accident...

    That’s excruciating to watch. I still do a mental stop and think EVERY CUT, which makes me an agonizingly slow woodworker. Upgrading my fence this year- (thank you Fred, thank you Cyclopentadiene!) to a Biesemeyer really helped me feel safer around the saw as well. Fwiw I still use the blade...
  5. Volksdad

    Good thing about Corona virus

    Of special note in the study- second page at the top- “Based on this comparison, it is reasonable to consider China “similar” to US NIOSH N95 ... for filtering ... bioaerosols (e.g. viruses).” HTH. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Volksdad

    Good thing about Corona virus

    I use kn95s. These are considered “respirators” not “masks”... 3M studied the efficacy of both. Link here: (info from CDC website). I buy mine locally- princess nail supply in...
  7. Volksdad

    Cleaning out the finish cabinet... free to anyone who can use it -- GONE

    Message sent! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Volksdad

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    + 1 to this... it’s where all the net traffic is right now. It’s the only social media my parents regularly use, and I find it a necessary evil. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Volksdad


    Wow three minutes. SOLD!
  10. Volksdad

    Joining wood

  11. Volksdad

    Mesquite box

    The figured lid is really beautifully done. I love the aesthetic of box joints, but I never make them myself. Thanks for posting.
  12. Volksdad

    More Christmas boxes

    Nope- generously explained! Thank you for sharing your technique.
  13. Volksdad

    Ridgid R4512 Riving knife/splitter question

    Greg I just read the attachment again- but with my readers. Geez I’m getting old. I misread the instructions... you lock it in either position when you are working. (Which makes sense to me). I’ve been using this saw for years and I never actually had a manual. I just bought a decent blade for...
  14. Volksdad

    Ridgid R4512 Riving knife/splitter question

    I have an ridgid r4512 and was reading the manual online. It says to unlock the riving knife (raised) so that it is flexible... it would deflect back and forth. When it’s is set as a splitter (lowered) you lock the splitter in line with the blade. This doesn’t sound right. It’s sounds like I am...
  15. Volksdad

    Revised the DeWalt Saw- before / after

    Good job on that saw! Fence looks solid- how’s it cut?
  16. Volksdad

    Hall Table

    Wow beautiful work! It fits that space really well. Great design and execution.
  17. Volksdad

    BS v belt

    I should add that I added mass to the stand with 2x4x6 material. Each step helped considerably. I think part of the reason the linked belt helped me was that my old v groove belt had developed a memory. I didn’t use the bandsaw as much as my other tools -probably because it seemed unsafe...
  18. Volksdad

    New Saw for me

    Congrats on the “new” saw. Post pics when you are done tuning it. I like refurbing tools.
  19. Volksdad

    BS v belt

    I have an inexpensive Ridgid brand 14” bandsaw. It used to dance like drunk when I turned it on. I added a link belt, balanced the wheels with wheel weights and added inexpensive urethane tires. You can balance a coin on the table now and it doesn’t fall when I turn on the bandsaw. I believe...
  20. Volksdad

    LED Lamp

    A few months ago I bought these for my shop. They work great. Open (unscrew) the base and remove the weight that holds them upright. Now since they are lighter you can attach them easier. I used hot glue- and you can pop them off with a mallet if you’d like to reposition them. None have fallen...

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