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    Sign up for Sharpening workshop June 30

    I will not be able to attend. Open my slot to someone else.
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    How big is your shop?

    My shop is 24 x 28 with a 10 foot ceiling. The high ceiling is great, but wish I had gone a little larger - 24 x 32 would be perfect for me.
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    Handplane and general sharpening workshop March 12

    I sent my $30.00 via the Donate button. By the way, how will we be notified of the hours and the address of the workshop location?
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    Handplane and general sharpening workshop March 12

    Re: Handplane and general sharpening workshop I am interested.
  5. Arts and Crafts Library Table #1

    Arts and Crafts Library Table #1

    Latest project for daughter
  6. Arts and Crafts Library Table #2

    Arts and Crafts Library Table #2

    Latest project for my daughter
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    Woodcraft Mail Order

    Here is my tale of woe with Woodcraft mail order. 1. On Cyber Monday, November 28, I ordered four (4) Jet 31" Parallel clamps for $128.06. Instead of printing my order per their suggestion, I make a screen shot of the order. I was assured that I would receive an email confirmation for the...
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    Klingspor in Raleigh

    Yesterday, I went to the Hickory store to buy a drill press and mobile stand. I was in and out with the drill press loaded on my truck in about ten minutes. Hard to beat that service. Great guys, too.
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    Rust prevention on cast iron

    I read the same article in Fine Woodworking and have been using CRC 3-36, which is a multi-purpose lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. I do not use paste wax afterwards, and it works really well. By the way, I live in the mountains of NC so I heat in the winter for about three months, but I do...
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    Workshop Beautification: a Barn Quilt

    When my wife and I moved to the Western North Carolina mountains, we noticed that many of the barns and other outbuildings had signs with quilt patterns on them. Some of them are quite beautiful. If you want to learn about the "barn quilt" movement, look at this NC PBS segment...
  11. Barn Quilt from Road

    Barn Quilt from Road

  12. Barn Quilt from Back

    Barn Quilt from Back

  13. Barn Quilt

    Barn Quilt

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    No More Magazines For Me

    I have also decided not to renew my subscriptions to all of my woodworking magazines - with the exception of FWW. I have also stop buying DVD's of magazines as they are hard to use and locate articles that you want or need. I think the future for woodworking and all hobby magazines is...
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    Change From User (Inactive) to User Active

    I noticed that the status in my Profile is User (Inactive). How can it be changed to active? Thanks, David Staton
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    After Market SawStop Throat Plates

    Charles Neil's web site sells a zero clearance insert for the SawStop saw also. Here's the URL if you are interested:

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