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    Leaf blower not working right

    I was given a Husqvarna backpack blower that "didn't run," and had sat idle for five years. Agree that cleaning the spark arrestor was key. I replaced fuel lines, spark plug and air filter and ordered a new carb. OEM carb was like $80, Chinese knockoff was $15 on Amazon. Put new carb on...
  2. J

    Dust Removal

    100% do this on a regular basis. Respirator, backpack blower, open garage doors and get after it. Works like a charm, especially if there is a light rain outside.
  3. J

    Cement Floor Treatment

    I use stall mats from Tractor Supply on my garage floor in front of my work areas. Solid 1/2" rubber and much cheaper than interlocking "gym flooring" tiles. Great on the feet and back. I think I paid somewhere around $25 per 4'x3' mat. Easy to cut with a box cutter if needed. If it's good...
  4. J

    Looking for a sawyer, in NW Raleigh (919) 669-1859 He is also on Facebook. I was thinking about making a trip up there to his mill this week to restock.
  5. J

    Remote control

    Perhaps I am alone in this. I have a small shop (two car garage) and I simply use a remote control for Christmas lights for my DC. I got it last year for less than $10 at HDepot and it hasn't failed me yet, nor have I had to change the batteries. I keep the remote in my apron.
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    PT Lumber Decking Finish

    Question for all of you since it has been a while since I have finished a PT deck. One of my guys just built a new PT deck and is looking to see what the best finish is to use. I used Thompson's eons ago, but I'm not sure if there is a better product out there. The wood is very wet (just like...
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    Input required Joel McDaniel is doing wonderful work here. I have worked with this organization for a number of years. I help facilitate hunting trips and prepare the land (hanging stands, cutting shooting lanes, etc). The focus of this group is on the Special Warfare...
  8. J

    Hello from 27616

    Best of luck in your new endeavors. What are you trying to sell?
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    Holly Tree Stock (Raleigh)

    Good Morning, Unfortunately, I could not wait for winter and the trees are down. Jim Creasman came and got some, but I have a pile left that needs a good home to anyone that wants it. Much like a litter of puppies, the wood is FREE to a good home. I believe that Jim was able to QS some of...
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    Holly Tree Stock (Raleigh)

    Good Morning, My wife informed me yesterday that the three 30'-40' Holly trees that are on our property need to be removed to make room for her future gardening plans. The bases of the trunks are around 12" in diameter. I will be taking these trees out myself. I understand that the wood from...
  11. J

    Opinion Request on planner

    I have one and love it. No problems at all. I was able to get it nearly brand new from a friend for $300 two years ago.
  12. J

    Getting Burn Marks From Table Saw

    I soak my blade for 15-30 minutes in a metal tray with water and baking soda. Then I scrub off the gunk, spray the blade down and let it dry before using it again. This thread has reminded me that I need to do that again.
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    SawStop Questions

    I like the sound of this... would you be willing to post or send me a picture of your setup? Thanks for all the information thus far..... has anyone purchased the upgrade cast iron wings to replace the steel wings? Thoughts?
  14. J

    SawStop Questions

    It has been decided that I am going to introduce a SawStop into my woodworking. There are a ton of options out there for add on components etc. I am not going to do 220 for a variety of reasons at this time. I am leaning towards the contractor series saws and am leaning towards the 36" model so...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    Thanks for all of the responses. I feel much more educated moving forward with making a decision at the right time.
  16. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Awesome information. Thank you! Is there a brand or maker that is known for quality or equally important, known to be garbage?
  17. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Now that I have my storage taken care of in my shop (see previous thread from today) I am looking at adding a benchtop drill press. I do not have room for a floor press. It would be in a fairly static location, but I would like to be able to move it around if need be. I would like to get a...
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    Shop Cabinets

    You are correct
  19. J

    Shop Cabinets

    Birch Veneer Plywood for the drawer fronts and doors. Top was just sanded pine plywood. Trimmed in Red Oak. I tried to keep the cost down on materials since they are just shop cabinets. The stretchers are dadoed and rabbetted into the cabinet sides. Helped tremendously with accuracy during...
  20. J

    SawStop: Thank You!

    Glad that you are okay. I will be showing this thread to the wife at a date and time to be determined about upgrading to a SawStop. I have yet to hear about someone who was unhappy that they took the plunge and bought one.

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