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    Mounting Triton Router (Another Raffle Prize Thread)

    I have installed two Tritons in router tables, one with the bigger TRA001 and another with the MOF001. Both had enough power to do everything I wanted. The smaller one was so quiet that I had to remind myself to turn it off. I used the Woodpeckers plate in both with a perfect fit on both.
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    Which scroll saw?

    Sold my 18 year old DeWalt 788 about 6 months ago, then moved back from overseas, and am pondering getting a new scroll saw. The Woodcraft sale on the King 21 with stand got me looking at the new models and best options. So, I am open to ideas, but I am leaning towards the models: Pegas 21...
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    Grizzly G0478

    Good review on the saw at Lumberjocks, might provide some insight: Grizzly G0478 2 HP Hybrid Cabinet Saw Review
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    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    The oak beams are still available. Would be great for making mantels, or work benches, or decoration.
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    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    The scroll saw, base and mortise are claimed by member Skymaster. Will report close out when he picks it all up.
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    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    I am cleaning out and have some items free to the first person to come and get them. RBI Hawk scroll saw, nice, perfect condition, but I was never able fix the blade attachment. Brand new Delta Mobile base 50-325, in an unopened box for the last ten years. A Jet mortising machine, bench top...
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    CL/Winston-Salem: Custom Built Router Table- Nice

    Item has been deleted. Looks like one of the RT1000 sold out Canada until a couple o f years ago.
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    Miter Gauge

    I like the Incra V27 too.
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    Wood turning classes in WNC?

    Woodcraft classes are often convenient and set good foundations. Check your local store for class schedule.
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    Charlotte Area Members We Want Your Input

    Ha ha. I was thinking the same thing, but when I first read your post I saw "Over-the-hill mountain men".
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    Looking for finishing suggestions

    I would recommend a couple coats of shellac sealer, then the poly, although for a desk I like rub varnish. As the coats build give them lots of time to dry hard before the next coat. Folks tend to get impatient on the drying time.
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    Looking for Tool Rests

    I use the round Packard rests, for years, on all lathes, and will continue.
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    Muni lathe advice?

    After using other tool rests, I find the stock rests poor. I have replaced all with round bar types from Packard, starting first, years ago, with the rest on the Jet midi-lathe.
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    Full-Time RV - Scroll Saw or Woodturning

    Well, I would take the mini-lathe. I always see small pices of wood around and making small items like pens and bottle stoppers as you travel would appeal to me. A hand saw can cut down wood to usable size. I would think lifting a mini-lathe to a table just as easy as a scroll saw. I find...
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    Anyone in Charlotte area available for a table saw tutorial?

    I have taken quite a few of Woodcraft classes at shops in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and been very pleased with my increased skill level afterwards. Also, like the classes at Peachtree Hardware. Mixed results with classes at Rockler. Of course, the best courses are the...
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    Crosscut sled construction - what to use for the runners?

    Made a sled once with oak runners. Smooth as silk, until two weeks later and wouldn't even go into tracks. Humidity changes. Sanded until running smooth again but then the sled was a little sloppy in the dry season. Now, I just use aluminum track which doesn't change at all.
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    Hanging Stuff on a Poured Concrete Wall

    The initial post says the shop "will" have 10" walls. If not built yet, why not have the builder put in some threaded anchors in the concrete (floor and wall) to attach the stud wall?
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    Anyone in Charlotte area available for a table saw tutorial?

    Woodcraft store in Charlotte has good courses, unfortunately it looks like their next table saw class is in July. Might want to check it out for other opportunities.
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    ACT Fast? RDU CL - Delta Unisaw Platinum edition - $400 (Rolesville)

    Looks like the saw has been rained on and neglected. Some scrubbing, sanding, polishing, and repair to the end table, and I suspect it would be a superb tool.
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    Restaining Deck

    I also have 1500 square feet of deck. When we bought the house, the previous owner was putting on Olympic every year. I couldn't do that. So, I first got a very strong power washer to clean every crevice. Then, a coat of the honey stain previously used to color uniformly. I also coated the...

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