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    Drill Press for sale SOLD

    Check your messages...
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    Drill Press for sale SOLD

    Is the drill press still available? I'm (relatively) local and very interested...
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    Trouble Uploading Photos to Classified Ad

    I am trying to upload two smaill photos to a classified ad I recently submitted, but they will not upload. When I try to upload them to my gallery, they say they are in my queue, but will not show there either... Am I doing something wrong? Michael Stockdale
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    I sinned today

    Eddie... You do realize that Mann Tool stocks real baltic birch, right?
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    Where to Shop for Power tools?

    For those of us a bit further south, Mann Tool and Supply in Columbia is a great resource!
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    Question on Converting from 50" to 30" tablesaw

    I too am considering this change... I simply cannot recall ever needing the extra 20". I purchased the rail kit from SawStop for something like $300 (without table) and plan on constructing a router table for the insert. So far the thought of rerouting my dust collection (spiral pipe hanging...
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    Setting Up New Shop

    I like the idea of a double pocket door... one from each side. That way you don't lose wall space, nor do you have to account for door swing. Of course, the wall may need to be a bit thicker (2x6 vs 2x4), but that is a minimal sacrifice (IMO)... Mike
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    pictures of my recent bench build 2016

    Awesome looking bench Mike! I too am working on a bench... 72 x 24 with a tool tray... Typical european bench. Been "working" on it for 6 months now... Trestles are done, and I hope to have the top glued up within the next couple of weeks. It always takes (me) longer than originally...
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    DeWalt planer blades

    Cool... learn something new every day! :)
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    DeWalt planer blades

    I don't understand... Is carbide steel not magnetic?
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    I think I have an addiction

    I tell my wife all the time, "I'm not a auto mechanic; I'm not a woodworker.... I'm a tool collector!" Embrace the affliction... It's easier that way! Mike
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    Shop Bench Finally Done...

    Thanks for the positive comments... I did make the drawers... Not sure what you call the joint, but I used 1/2" BB ply with an interlocking tab and slot on the corners... False fronts were cut from some figured maple boards I have lying around. Each drawer is supported by a full-extension...
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    Shop Bench Finally Done...

    I finally finished a cabinet for the shop that has taken over 4 months to complete... Cabinet ply (maple), walnut face, figured maple for the drawer fronts, and a store-bought maple butcher block top... It's 5' wide x 24" deep and has 15 drawers made from 1/2" BB ply. Not fine furniture, but...
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    Source(s) for Steel Barrels

    That's actually not a bad price... especially considering the shipping cost! If I don't find the steel 30 gallon barrel I am looking for, I will probably go this direction... Michael Stockdale Lugoff, SC
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    Source(s) for Steel Barrels

    All, I need to locate a source locally (about 20 miles east of Columbia, SC) for a 30 gallon steel barrel for dust collection use... I can buy one on Amazon and/or Oneida/Penn State, but the shipping cost is almost as much as the barrel. A fiber barrel would also work, but I would prefer...
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    I need a Good Shop Vacuum ???

    Sorry... earlier in the thread it was advertised that Klingspor had Turbo II dust collectors marked down for clearance at $299... Since I was in the market for a new vacuum, I visited their website and the clearance section listed a quantity of 5 available. I bought one, so there are 4 more...
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    I need a Good Shop Vacuum ???

    I just bought one of the Fein Turbo II vacuums... They have 4 more if any of you are interested. :) Mike
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    Amazon Shipping Sale-Priced Jet Clamps?

    I'm still waiting on mine also... At the sales price, I will gladly wait!
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    Proud New Owner of a SawStop ICS

    Well... Needed a pallet jack to get the crate out of my trailer... Thankfully, I was able to borrow one from my workplace... Made the job pretty easy actually! No power applied yet, but I am pretty much done with assembly. As others have reported, the instructions are very well executed! So...
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    Proud New Owner of a SawStop ICS

    Didn't manage to get the SawStop out of the trailer today... Just too much going on with Easter Sunday to even attempt. I am hoping to "borrow" a pallet jack from work tomorrow to help moving the new saw into the workshop. Will keep everyone apprised of my progress. Mike

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