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    Stair Tread ( 1in by 12 X 36) or 6ft, approx 48 bft.

    Happy New Year all! Ripping up my old carpet, need stair tread ( hard pine fine, or whatever, most likely needs to be stained, to match floor). Approx 48 bft ( 1 X 12 X 36, or 72). Either where has the best deal or, submit PM or post with price avail contact info, etc..... Thanks ! Splint
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    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle,

    Hope you have celebration plans ! Congrats
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    Dish vs Cable opines

    Anyone switch from Cable to Dish, if so, pros cons. Currently with TWC, but not happy (restrictive pricing )Thiking of switching to Dish. Any and all comments/opinions welcome Thanks
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    Bosch Colt NIB $60 Ral CL (Fay,NC) Great lil Trim Router.
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    Guitar Shapes $10 - RAL CL These look very cool and interesting. Maybe someone can use these for something. Good Luck!
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    Delta Air Cleaner - $65 Ral CL

    Not mine: Different Config, motor alone worth price
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    Garage Door Spring Re-Tensioning Help

    Due to either Homebuilder/ Previous Owner poor construction design, the pad that holds both the tension spring and garage door arm came apart. They used only three 3in nails to secure the wood pad to the garage. Needless to say, it didnt hold up. I've taken it apart and repaired using 4 in...
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    Delta Air Cleaner- $125 Raleigh CL

    Not mine Looks to be in pristine condition.
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    Grizzly 2hp Dust Collector - $125 - Cary RAL CL

    Not mine, good pics Dont wait
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    Jet Performax Drum Sander $300 Ral CL -

    Not mine, but have one just like it! Sounds like a vg deal if accurately described Posted Today, Thurs Jun 13th Dont waste Time
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    Birch Ply $10 RAL CL ( 84 Lumber clearance)

    Not mine, obviously, Should go fast Good luck, and dont forget to post gloat!:eusa_danc
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    Freud Dado Set $100 -Selma Raleigh RAL CL

    Not mine Looks to be Half Price and in VVG condition!
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    It;s Time to Play....Name that Tool !

    Bought this as part of a lot of hand tools ( A couple of years ago). As a newbie to hand tools, I dont remember what the person said it was.:confused: So, need your help Id'ing. Thanks in Advance
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    Jet Mortiser $75 Ral CL

    Not mine Dont wait should go fast!
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    Miter Saw Stand Build/upgrade

    Hey all! Been awhile since Ive posted, but here goes. This post will be continously updated till project is complete. This is my first major project in a looooong time, and Im very exctited bout it. First, the old: See pics below (hint: Think Black and Decker, LOL) This miter saw stand was...
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    Porter Cable 690LRVS Router - $90 (Wake Forest)

    not mine Porter Cable 690LRVS Router - $90 (Wake Forest) Date: 2011-05-05, 8:18AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Porter Cable 1.75 hp variable speed router with soft start in...
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    porter cable laminate trimmer 7301 - $40 (youngsville )

    not mine porter cable model 7301 h.d. power unit - $40 (youngsville ) Date: 2011-05-04, 10:42PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] i have a porter cable model 7301 h.d. power unit with...
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    40%off lumber rack - Peachtree
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    Table Saw Woodtek - $450 (Burlington, NC)

    not mine Table Saw Woodtek - $450 (Burlington, NC) Date: 2011-04-26, 11:44AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Contractor table saw , 10 inch, solid cast tops, beismeyer style precision...
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    Jet 15 Planer - $100 (Rocky Mount)

    not mine: For you DIY rs , Jet 15 Planer - $100 (Rocky Mount) Date: 2011-04-25, 6:10PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a nice Jet 15 " thickness planer. It weights 200+ lbs est. Model JWP-15. The planer has a a motor that...

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