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    A BIG Thank you

    Thank You Hank! I have been cleaning and playing with my new "tailless" toys. I started on a new storage shed for the planes so I have room to grow. I am looking forward to more visits but boating and fishing season are coming up. BTW...It was a Stanley 45 that I just started cleaning and...
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    WTB: router lift/plate

    Did Fred find what you were looking for? I may have a Freud plate and router. Need to dig a little.
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    DW 735 More Maintenance troubles

    Dan Did you get this planer from me? I can give you history if it is the one I sold a while back.... Ron
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    Looking for a Dewalt 735 planer

    Dan, Did you find a planer? Sent you and IM.
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    Poly Over Acrylic/Enamel

    I use Minwax Polycrylic over the Olympic exterior enamel for my cornhole boards. I would suggest making a test piece to see how the paint and finish work together Leave some of the wood unpainted and cover the painted and unpainted area with the clear. I have only had one color of paint that...
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    Long Biesemyer rails options...cut them , buy new ones or trade?

    I ended up putting the saw together as is. I needed a saw tonight for another project and I just couldn't cut the rails. I'm going to see if I can make the long rails work. Fred...I'll keep your offer in mind in case the rails are too long. Thanks for all of the replies. Ron
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    Long Biesemyer rails options...cut them , buy new ones or trade?

    Hey Folks, I very recently purchased a Delta Unisaw from Rocker (Along with a few other goodies) and am in a bit of a quandry. The saw has the 52" Biesemeyer rail option and they are way too long for my shop. Ideally I would like to have 30"-36" rails on the saw. I had the 52" rails on my Jet...
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    Sheppach (Grizzly) Track Saw At Sears was you outbid me? I set my max bid at 178.51....sold for 180.99 They have another one listed now. If any other NCWWs are bidding let me know so I don't bid you up also! Let me know if you set up a group buy. I'm interested. Ron
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    Looking for IPE. Am I imagining posts now?

    Jackson's did not have the IPE but he does have JATOBA decking material. I have dealt with him for many years now. I first dealt with Jackson's when he was in Tilly's warehouse in Fuquay in 1993. I had my boat stored there and he had teak.......
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    Robland X31 for Sale on Raleigh CL - $2400

    Thanks for the plug! I'm hoping to sell this locally. I have one person coming to see it Saturday. If you know anyone looking for a great multi-tool, send them my way! I did want to discount if for any NCWW member...membership should have it's priveledges! Ron
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    Looking for IPE. Am I imagining posts now?

    Thanks Mark...That's the one. Dreams can come true! I will try Jackson's. I used to deal with him a lot here in the 'Quay!
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    Looking for IPE. Am I imagining posts now?

    Hey NCWWs. I remember recently reading a post about IPE being available by the bundle/container. This would come in very handy for my upcoming home project. I thought it was on this site (since this is the only WWs site I visit). Does anyone know of Ipe available by the bundle or in bulk or did...
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    Share your knowledge - Minwax Polycrylic

    Don, I'm in the middle of finishing a cabinet for the church using the Minwax Polycrylic. Here are a few of my recent findings. When they tell you not to overwipe or overbrush they mean it. this stuff does dry fast. Thinner coats work better. Temperature does have an effect on drying time...
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    Needed: part sheet of 1/4" maple ply

    Thanks Henry. I forgot about checking there. I ended up veneering the cherry side of the 1/4" I had on hand. I got to try a new (to me) technique and it worked out. I used the "yellow glue" method with an iron. Now I have to wait and see how it holds up. Thanks! Ron
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    Needed: part sheet of 1/4" maple ply

    Thanks to everyone who IMd me. Looks like I'll be veneering over the cherry to make 2 sided maple. Ron
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    Needed: part sheet of 1/4" maple ply

    Hey NCWWs, I'm checking to see if anyone has a part of a sheet of 1/4" maple ply that they could sell. I'm looking for a piece 25w x 32t. I have 1/4" one side cherry, one side maple but it didn't look right. I'm building a book case for our church organist for the organ pit. Let me know if you...
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    30 to 55 Gal fiber or steel drum needed

    I just listed a plastic 55 gallon drum set up as a seperator in the classifieds. Free........ Ron
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    Performax 16-32 Plus Price

    I bought a hardly used one on Craigslist for $450 with a bunch of sandpaper included Ron
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    Fall 2011 Raffle Drawing - RESULTS ARE IN!

    Bas, I can give you last weeks winning numbers:gar-Bi I was supposed to be in Vegas last week.
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    Fall 2011 Raffle Drawing - RESULTS ARE IN!

    Wow! Thanks to everyone who put this together! Ron

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