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    Laguna LT18 HD Bandsaw (SOLD)

    It's Italian made but not European?
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    wood cost

    Tariffs on Canadian lumber go back several Presidents.. They didn't just stop shipping, it just became more expensive. Tariffs are supposed to stop goods moving but if the demand is there the buyer just pays more.
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    Flat knives or Shelix type cutting? Flat knives dull quickly on very hard woods. Shelix is a little easier especially since each insert is carbide. If you're willing to spend as much as a new planer then a Shelix could be an option. My 735 was retrofitted to the Shelix (did it myself) and...
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    Answer from DeWalt on 735 planer current draw

    Same here, no breaker tripping. Had mine for over five years with many types of hard and soft wood going through. I never, though, take more than 1/32" at a time. That's half a full crank turn and at it's slow speed. Mine's plugged into a 10' 12 gauge extension cord on a dedicated 20A...
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    Advice for small 2 stage dust collection ... shop vac size

    I have a small garage workshop. My biggest sawdust/chip producer is probably my Dewalt 735 planer. My Rigid shopvac with Dust Deputy cyclone works fine for what I do. It only has a 5 gal bucket but you could easily switch it out to a larger drum if you want to. It's the cyclone that's...
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    Sad state of affairs for SYP

    When you see a log truck around the SE you see it loaded with a few dozen scrabbly little pines. In the NW it's usual to see a truck go by filled with maybe five or six individual logs.
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    Mistake on dril lpress

    See this version. Did your chuck come with the wrench? We have several tools at work that require this type of wrench.
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    Blocked sewer line

    My bathroom sink kept clogging and I thought my wife was using my sink to brush her hair again. When I opened up the trap there was no hair (I'm follically challenged) but a good glob of toothpaste residue.
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    Help with a taste test

    Simple, functional design. I might have rounded the edge a little more where the top cap meets. But I like it and obviously so did someone else.
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    1ph vs 3ph

    Another related advantage of three phase is you can get full amps at a longer distance if you don't downsize the wire size. We run everything 3 phase 480 volts, even a little 0.5 amp motor, in our pilot plant because we're a long way from the mains.
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    Rigid oscillating sander belts for the surface sander

    Have to offer an alternative option. Home Depot sells them since it's a Rigid tool. It's where I bought mine.
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    New deck w/ screened porch & roof

    A screened porch and roof will be significantly heavier than the existing deck so maybe more posts are in order. Be interested to see how they tie in the porch roof with the existing roof overhang.
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    and some more wood id please

    Sapele is my choice. What does it smell like when cut? Has a distinctive odor.
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    General contractor asks for a non-code cabinet.

    Personally I think you did the right thing. Of course he knows. Alternatively you could build the pantry and let him install it and put the cutout in. No profit on the install but some is better than none.
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    Has anyone switched to metric?

    Grew up on metric and am a scientist so it's normal for me. But I use mostly Imperial in the workshop. Interestingly the company I work for has two technical divisions in the US. One uses Imperial because the business they support uses it. Mine uses metric because the business we support...
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    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    For me it would depend on the door. I replaced a single wide garage entrance door myself, no problem. But when it came time to replace a sliding patio door with a French door and my main front door with sill damage, nope. Paying someone who knows what they're doing and who do it all the time...
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    Sound system..?

    Echo Dot accessing my Amazon Music. Surprising amount and quality of sound that can come out of that little package. Even so most of my power tools drown it out.
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    Chicken coup plans

    Lot's of them for sale on Craigslist. It's a cottage industry.
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    We bought an outside table from that said it was made of acacia. I think it said it was made in Vietnam. After sanding the finish off (kind of looked like a dirty cherry) I was surprised to see the wood looked like the striking dark and light wood of hickory. But this wood was...
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    Bubinga slab wanted

    I'd try West Penn Hardwoods in Conover. He seems to have endless slabs of all kinds any time I've been there and he's close enough to go have a look in person.

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