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    looking for source for hardwood in East NC

    Precision Moulding and Woodworks in New Bern carries a great selection. Bill Nelson is a great guy to work with.
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    Sewing Center Cabinet (Completed)

    Re: Sewing Center Cabinet Mac, I failed to mention in my previous post that I too had to use the BORG ply. About two weeks after I delivered the piece to the customer, she called me back and the top had a slight bow in it. I took it off and rebuilt another out of some more BORG ply that was...
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    Sewing Center Cabinet (Completed)

    Re: Sewing Center Cabinet Mac, The sewing station looks great. I made the same one for a customer a few years ago. I added an extension table on the back and also put it on casters (per the customer). Man did I underestimate the amount of time it was going to take to complete that beast!! I...
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    Vanity Finished

    Nice vanity. I made one very similar for my master bath. It had three drawers on the side instead of four. My LOML (customer) was happy and that's all that matters. I placed a pic in my photo gallery.
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    Dining table in the style of Greene and Greene

    That is one beautiful table. Where is the exhibition to be held?
  6. Black Walnut stash

    Black Walnut stash

    625 of 1125 board feet
  7. Black Walnut Bed

    Black Walnut Bed

  8. Black Walnut Bed

    Black Walnut Bed

    Finished with equal parts of BLO, Mineral Spirits and Poly
  9. Black Walnut Bed

    Black Walnut Bed

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    First project and gloat

    Congratulations Steve. Pretty soon he'll be STANDING on top of the table!!!! DaveH
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    Hello from New Bern

    Thanks for the welcome guys/gals. I have been busy setting up my photo gallery because I know we all like pictures. Regarding the black walnut bed, I had every intention of documenting the process through photos. However, I got so busy with the actual construction I failed to take as many...
  12. Mission Bed 2

    Mission Bed 2

    Mortising the legs for the headboard and footboard.
  13. Mission bed

    Mission bed

    Black walnut bed leg glue up.
  14. Bathroom vanity

    Bathroom vanity

    Another view
  15. Bathroom vanity

    Bathroom vanity

    Red oak vanity in master bathroom.
  16. Bunk Beds 4

    Bunk Beds 4

    Finished and stacked.
  17. Bunk Beds 3

    Bunk Beds 3

    Slats inserted into mortises.
  18. Bunk Beds 2

    Bunk Beds 2

    Headboard/footboard slats with mocho brown stain applied
  19. Bunk Beds 1

    Bunk Beds 1

    SYP Headboard and footboard rails.
  20. Sewing Table 2

    Sewing Table 2

    Sewing Table opened.

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